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10 Years Later Celebrating 10 Years of Aire Serv of the Mid- Hudson Valley

s we welcome a new decade, we’re preparing to celebrate an anniversary here at Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley.

solely on growing this company. I’m confident that we can get to this point. I can’t emphasize enough the important role customer feedback plays in letting us know what we’re doing right and what we can do better so that we can continue to provide the service to which our Aire Serv family has become accustomed. Looking back, I’m proud of how far we’ve come in the past 10 years. We have grown, but many things that make us who we are have remained steady. There haven’t been any overwhelming shifts or changes, but it’s interesting to see where we are today compared to where we first began. "Looking back, I’m proud of how far we’ve come in the past 10 years. We have grown, but many things that make us who we are have remained steady."

In 2010, I was just beginning this franchise. Looking back, it was a pretty crazy time. I had many roles, including technician, owner, phone operator, and front-

desk employee. After all, I was the only one in the business at that time. I can still remember working a lot of long days, just trying to stay on top of all the paperwork and phone calls. I was essentially always on call. (That’s a good problem to have as a new business owner, I suppose.) In 2011, I contracted with a service to answer our phones. It was a big relief to get someone in the business who could answer the phones and take on some of the work I was doing. Soon, we began to hire more people, and I felt more comfortable delegating work to others. I no longer had to worry about answering calls on the job or juggling requests for service. I learned to trust our team members to represent my business, and I was making it home at a reasonable time in the evenings once again. Of course, one of my favorite hires has been my son. Nick and I worked together a bit before I began Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley, and I really enjoyed that time, so it’s been nice to regularly see him around the office. Nick handles a good chunk of the stress that comes from having to do regular paperwork, and I appreciate that about him. Plus, it’s nice to get to talk to him throughout the day. Now that we’ve welcomed a new decade, there are a few goals I have my sights set on. For starters, I want to hire more technicians for our growing business. We feel honored that we are continuing to add more work each day, but we also need more technicians to take on the extra load. Eventually, another goal of mine is to get out of the van and focus

Thank you for trusting our team for the past 10 years. It’s been an honor to serve this community, and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring.

Happy New Year!

–Jim Serra

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