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As for the suit, illustrations of Santa Claus in a red suit with white fur appeared in advertisements dating back to 1906. This image was already common when Coca-Cola adopted it for their advertising. However, in a time before color TV, Coca-Cola’s full-color advertisement in magazines and billboards may have helped cement this version of Santa for generations to come. SNOWMEN WERE ONCE CONSIDERED A HIGH ART FORM Today, we can take artistic expression for granted. It’s easy to get creative when you can take a class on pottery at the rec center or stop by the hobby store to grab some paints after work. However, back in the Dark Ages of Europe, art was reserved for the elite. According to “The History of the Snowman” author Bob Eckstein, “At a time of limited means of expression, snow was like free art supplies dropped from the sky.”

After a snowfall, talented artisans and regular farmers alike eagerly headed outside to create their own works of art. Couples would often stroll through the village and check out their neighbors’ creations. Snow sculptures were so popular that, in 1494, the ruler of Florence, Italy, commissioned 19-year-old Michelangelo to sculpt a snowman in his mansion’s courtyard. Little is known about this lost masterpiece, but historian Giorgio Vasari confirmed it was “very beautiful.” ‘IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE’WASN’T AN INSTANT CLASSIC As far as holiday movies go, nothing captures the sincere hope and joy of the season like “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Every year, this classic is adored by families everywhere, but the movie didn’t open to such praise. In fact, “It’s a Wonderful Life” bombed at the box office and left director and producer Frank Capra $525,000 in debt. The only people who took any interest in the movie when it first premiered were FBI agents. They felt the film’s portrayal of

bankers as evil was un-American and called it “communist infiltration of the motion picture industry.” The FBI exonerated “It’s a Wonderful Life” in 1956, but the movie would become all but forgotten until 1974, when the copyright expired. Networks could air “It’s a Wonderful Life” on TV without paying any royalties, and boy did they. All through the 1980s, local television stations across America showed the movie constantly, introducing a whole new generation to this magical tale. Paramount reclaimed the distribution rights in 1995, and by then, “It’s a Wonderful Life”was a holiday favorite. There are plenty of stories surrounding beloved traditions, but what’s more important are the stories you make with your loved ones. Whatever holidays or traditions you take part in, may they bring you plenty of wonderful stories for the future.



for Older Adults

According to the Community Transportation Association, 26 million older adults rely on others for transportation. Between the lack of autonomy and the fear of being a burden, this dependency often leads to a decreased quality of life. Most seniors don’t want to call a loved one every time they need a ride, and public transportation is often a hassle at best. Recently, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have offered older adults an alternative way to get where they want to go. If you’ve never tried ride-sharing before, here’s how it works. Using an app on your phone, you set a pick-up and drop-off location. In just a matter of minutes, a driver is at your door, ready to travel to your destination. Payment is automatically linked to your phone, so you don’t need to worry about having cash on hand. If you need help setting up the app, reach out to a tech-savvy friend or family member. Odds are they’ve used these services themselves. If you need help getting in and out of the vehicle, Uber even offers a special service called uberASSIST. Drivers in this program have special

training and offer door-to-door assistance. Newer companies designed specifically for seniors, like SilverRide and Lift Hero, are expanding into new regions all the time. Ride-sharing offers a number of benefits to older adults who don’t want to rely on a friend or loved one for transportation. Have a medical appointment? Getting there has never been easier. Looking to take a walk somewhere that requires a short drive? You can ride-share there and back. Going out for a bite to eat? With the touch of a button, you’ll soon be on your way. Ride-sharing offers increased independence, security, and efficiency, which far outweighs most other transportation alternatives. You might think of mobile technology as an industry aimed largely at younger generations who live their lives on their phones. Ride-sharing services, however, can offer just as much benefit to you as to those rowdy 20-somethings. If you need a quick, affordable ride, give these apps a shot.

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