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A Conversation With Levi

As we enter Phase 3 of BisTrack implementation next year, there are two main goals we hope to accomplish. First, we will work on shifting from simply collecting more

If you’ve been around Franklin Building Supply long enough, you’ve definitely heard the word capacity come up in meetings and conversations. We discuss increasing our capacity as a way to deliver more to our customers and grow the company as a whole. Increasing capacity takes many forms — employee training, LEAN initiatives, and more — but the one I want to discuss today is something every member of our company has experienced over the past year. I’m talking about new technology, specifically our adoption of BisTrack, that presents huge opportunities to increase capacity over the long term. As you’re reading this newsletter, we’ll have nearly completed our first inventory using BisTrack. In effect, this inventory represents the end of Phase 2 of our BisTrack adoption. Before we talk about what Phase 3 will look like, I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the hard work everyone has put in during the initial stages of launch and adoption. Honestly, we anticipated more challenges and disruption than we have experienced. Since day one, we’ve had widespread buy- in and a resilient attitude from the teams, which has been the most crucial factor in the successful transition. BisTrack launched in February, and that launch was successful by every measure. Rolling out a new piece of software, especially one this comprehensive and wide-reaching, will always present challenges. The way we tackled these hurdles was commendable. We made the decision to roll out BisTrack to all locations at once, so that everyone could go through the process together and no one would be left behind. That allowed us to identify and tackle issues on a company- wide basis, greatly decreasing the time it took to get up and running company-wide on the new system. After the launch was complete, we started to adopt BisTrack through our daily activities, learning all the tips, tricks, and gotchas along the way as we all navigated one after another. As we got through all those first, we kept delivering to customers and managing significant growth across the company. I can tell you that very few companies accomplish such a successful launch and adoption. We did it all on schedule, with minimal impact on customers, while growing sales and continuing to make improvements in other areas of the business. Wow! Now that we’ve nearly completed our annual inventory, we’re ready to unlock the full potential of our new system to further increase capacity.

and more information to putting actionable information in front of you through alerts and dashboards. By providing you with the right information at the right time, we can help everyone more quickly identify the right problems to solve. We’ll also better identify when we’ve gone above and beyond expectations and a well-

deserved thank-you is in order. In short, we’ll put information in front of you to help you know when to correct and when to celebrate! Second, to make full use of the new system, it is important to invest in additional user training. I’ve encouraged everyone to be curious going into the launch of BisTrack — to not fear software but to embrace it as a challenge and an opportunity to grow and develop. The software will only be as good as our ability to use it. So, in the first quarter of next year, we will host a number of extended in-person, classroom- style trainings on BisTrack. We appreciate that it has been tough absorbing all the tips, tricks, and gotchas, to say nothing of all the new and revised processes and procedures we have had to put in place since the launch. The training will help users better absorb the many changes throughout this past year and go into 2019 feeling more confident about how to use BisTrack to do their work as efficiently, consistently, and accurately as possible. Our first two phases with BisTrack, launch and adoption, have definitely gone our way and you deserve all the credit for a job exceptionally well done. Let’s continue the winning streak in this next phase as we work together to leverage the system as much as possible to increase our capacity and deliver a customer experience second to none.

–Levi Smith Vice President, Operations


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