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A Conversation With Our CEO

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As a company, we need to create value for our customers if we want to be successful. Some of that value comes from the robust range of products and services we offer. Some of it shows up in our ability to execute and deliver on our promises in a timely fashion. A good portion of it, though, is the result of the customer-care skills of our team members. To make sure those skills are top-notch, we encourage all of our employee-owners to take the initiative to become top performers. What makes a top performer? There are a few essential characteristics that will allow you to excel no matter your role at Franklin Building Supply. Chief among those qualities is an ability and willingness to communicate. Good communication skills benefit you when you’re interacting with customers and collaborating with your coworkers. When it comes to customer discussions, the best skills you can have are being a good listener and asking the right questions. Our customers come to us with problems, and it’s on us to solve them. Internal communication is always essential to smooth operations, but that’s especially true during this time of year, when many team members head off on vacation. When you leave for a week or two, the projects you’re working on can’t grind to a halt. We need to effectively communicate to make sure that nothing gets lost in the transition.

covering need to be ready to handle any customer issues that may arise. Without relaying these messages, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks.

The next essential trait of a top performer is the ability to be proactive. For the most part,

we excel at reacting to the requests of our customers. Where we need to get better is anticipating those needs before they arise. Follow-up is huge in this regard. Do you want to make more sales? Do more follow- up. Do you want to ensure that a customer had an experience worth raving about? Ask them. We should be there for our customers all the time, not just when they are contemplating a purchase. The final characteristic I want to talk about today is passion. It’s nearly impossible to be a top performer if you’re not totally engaged in your work and your customers. Customers appreciate when you demonstrate interest in their projects. Being around somebody who is enthusiastic about what they do is contagious. That doesn’t mean you need to be overly animated or performative, but you should be ready and willing to share your knowledge and passion. I promise that customers will respond. Ask yourself where you can take your performance to the next level in order to create as much value as possible for customers. We’re never going to be the cheapest option, so we need to add value wherever we can. When you do that, you’ll find that your results will improve.

Effectively passing the baton, as it were, requires diligence from both parties. The person leaving needs to tell their customers that

President and CEO –Rick Lierz


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