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A CONV ERSAT I ON WI TH THE C EO Do Vendors Matter? Absolutely!

You can’t sell something you don’t have, right? As true as that is, I often find that people don’t realize how important vendors are to a company like ours. As the summer heat hits and we all take a second to cool off in the shade and drink a little water, I want to talk to all of you owners about the importance of the relationships we have with our vendors. As you already know, our vendors are the people who sell and deliver the stuff that we sell. And we are very selective when it comes to vendors, especially company-wide vendors. They need to be 100 percent reliable and capable of providing all our locations with the same great service. In exchange, they get a market for their products and access to our customer base. If we select someone to serve all 12 locations, we can get a better value than if they were competing with another vendor for our customers. Trus Joist is a good example of that relationship; they’re our only engineered lumber provider. They give us a great price on their products, because they know that nobody is going to do

employee-owners to be trained in their products

and services. Not only does this empower our people to give knowledgeable answers and advice to customers, it also provides them with information that applies to other aspects of their job as well. The more you know, the higher you can go — and we often have vendors to thank for that knowledge. Vendors also help out with marketing efforts, including those needed to show “customer love.” We call it “wining and dining,” or “experience” marketing. The gist is the same, though. When we offer giveaways to our customers, or a chance for a ski pass or overnight stay someplace, it’s usually a vendor’s money that makes that possible. Sure, these things benefit the vendor. But they also benefit us and build our reputation with our customer base. At the end of the day, the relationships we have with our vendors are a lot like the relationships we have with our owners, or the relationships we have with our customers. All are vital to our continued success as an employee-owned company, and we all benefit from that success. Vendors keep our shelves and lumber yards stocked.

business with Franklin Building Supply and give money to their competitor. It’s vital that we honor our side of these deals. The first reason is that we’re men and women of our word, and that still means a lot in our industry and in our region. But the second reason is that we get more than great prices from our vendors. Vendors pay for our

And you can’t sell something you don’t have.

President and CEO Rick Lierz


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