MUD Quick Change Systems

OP 137

Quick-Change Options Interlocking Ejector Plate Rails

Interlocking ejector system designed for two-unit H frames and four-unit Double H frames

MUD® H frames and Double H frames are avail- able with interlocking ejector systems. These systems, based on rails precisely located on the frame’s master ejector plate, allow the option of tying the insert mold’s ejector system to the master ejector plate. The insert mold’s bottom ejector plate is wider to slide into the rails mounted on the frame’s master ejector plate. The interlocking master ejector plate may be spring loaded or tied to the hydraulic knockout plate of the molding machine. Tying the master ejector plate to the machine's hydraulic knockout system allows multiple stroking of the insert mold ejector system which assists in the automatic operation of the insert mold. This option is available on predrilled existing frames manufactured after June 1990.

Double H Frame Series Interlocking Ejector Plate Rails

H Frame Series Interlocking Ejector Plate Rails

ITEM NO. 16/09IFD 16/12IFD 16/18IFD 20/14IFD 22/19IFD 24/23IFD


ITEM NO. 08/09IFH 10/12IFH 10/18IFH 11/14IFH 11/18IFH 12/11IFH 12/13IFH 12/15IFH 12/19IFH 13/13IFH 13/15IFH 13/17IFH 13/19IFH 13/23IFH 14/15IFH 14/17IFH 14/19IFH 14/21IFH 14/25IFH 15/15IFH 15/17IFH 15/19IFH 15/21IFH 15/25IFH 17/19IFH 17/26IFH 18/22IFH 18/26IFH 18/30IFH


16/09 16/12 16/18 20/14 22/19 24/23

08/09 10/12 10/18 11/14 11/18 12/11 12/13 12/15 12/19 13/13 13/15 13/17 13/19 13/23 14/15 14/17 14/19 14/21 14/25 15/15 15/17 15/19 15/21 15/25 17/19 17/26 18/22 18/26 18/30

Ordering Information for Interlocking Ejector Plate Rails • Item number and description (see tables at right) • First four digits of item number must match those of companion insert molds • Item number is for a set of four (4) rails for H frames and eight (8) rails for DH frames • See page OP 138 for companion ejector plates

U.S. 800-626-6653 • • Canada 800-387-6600 • Mexico 52-442-713-5666

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