MUD Quick Change Systems


Quick-Change H frame features and applications

This MUD ® Quick-Change frame series features a center runner bar for simultaneous molding with two standard-style companion insert molds. The series offers cost reduction benefits and time-saving advantages similar to the U frame series. It also provides comparable design flexibility. The two companion insert molds for H frames can be changed independently and individually. A dummy insert is supplied for single insert mold production. This results in exceptional versatility for tailoring schedules to virtually all inventory requirements including just-in-time delivery. H frames also offer special advantages for high volume production. Two insert molds permit doubling quantities for each molding cycle. Also, there is virtually no need to interrupt production for maintenance or repair since inexpensive backup insert molds can be quickly installed. H frames are supplied with hardened center runner bars and replaceable sprue puller pin assemblies. Each frame includes a locking locating ring and an integral master ejector plate with cutouts to allow installation of insert mold pillar posts. The master ejector plate is also supplied with positive aligning guide posts, bushings and grease fittings for a guided ejector system. Options include interlocking ejector rails to lock the insert mold’s ejector system to the master ejector plate. The master ejector plate can be spring loaded for returning the insert mold’s ejector system. It can also be tied to the machine’s hydraulic knockout system for stroking the insert mold’s ejector assembly. Other options include water lines in the center bar or other locations, insulation boards, runner shutoffs and hot sprue bushings. Frame spacer bars to accommodate shorter, more economical companion insert molds are available for frames designed for longer sizes. Additional retainer slots and a spacer plate in the frame’s cavity half allow the frame to accept insert molds with different thicknesses. Quick-Change Hot Runner Molding All of the advantages of the MUD®Quick-Change Concept can be added to a hot runner molding system with the addition of a manifold to the H frame. Both the frame and the hot runner system remain in the molding machine. Only the insert molds are changed to produce new parts, just as in other Quick-Change applications. This means faster changeovers, lower tooling costs and greater scheduling flexibility for hot runner molding. Steel specifications: Standard frames are produced in prehard steel (285-325 Brinell) with hardened center sections. Frames are also available in prehard stainless, 420 stainless, H-13 and other grades on request. Frame coating can be specified.

Quick-Change H frame options

Spring-loaded master ejector plates

Interlocking ejector rails

Additional height on ejector rails

Early return on ejector system

Special knockout hole locations

Runner shutoffs

Choice of runner configuration

Frame spacer bars

Insulation boards

Additional retainer slot and spacer plate

Extended loading rails

Water lines for center sections

Water lines for rails and plates

Machining for cartridge heaters

Manifold for hot runner operation

Hot sprue bushings

Coating options

Electroless nickel plating

NOTE: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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