MUD Quick Change Systems


Production Flexibility MUD® Quick-Change H and Double H frames are designed for simultaneous molding with two or more companion insert molds. These insert molds can be interchanged independently. When single insert mold production is scheduled, blank insert molds are easily installed. Duplicate insert molds can be installed when greater volume of a part is required. Design Versatility MUD® companion insert molds are available in T-style and standard style and in solid and laminated construction. Design latitude is unlimited. Insert molds can be engineered for parts requiring stripper plates, sleeve ejection, single or double cam action, hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic cylinders—virtually any feature desired including three- and four-plate designs.

Customized and versatile , MUD® insert molds meet your specific production needs.


Prototypes and Samples Faster setup and startup means the Master Unit Die Concept is ideal for this type of application. Even more important, engineering changes involve only the companion insert mold, not an entire standard mold base. This keeps sample and experimental tooling time and cost to an absolute minimum. Aluminum Insert Molds The thermal conductivity of available aluminum insert molds approaches four times that of steel for even faster cycling times. These lightweight insert molds are also easy to handle and can be machined at high speeds. See pages UF 18, UF 20 and UF 21. Short Production Runs MUD® insert molds offer unparalleled advantages when a variety of parts must be produced in a short time period, a major plus for just-in-time scheduling. Literally hours of production time are gained by these fast changeovers, often eliminating the need for overtime. The lower cost of these insert molds also makes duplicate tooling attractive insurance for meeting critical deadlines. High Volume Production The simultaneous molding of parts in multi-section frames is one of the major Quick-Change advantages in increasing productivity. So is the lower cost of backup insert molds. Another advantage is the ease and speed of installing insert molds since this almost eliminates production downtime. And since all molds require some maintenance, this time gained in removing and installing insert molds has added significance. MUD® Quick-Change frames and compan- ion insert molds are also constructed with the precision, the strength and the reliability to meet the demands of high volume production.

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