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AF 92

Adapter frame system accessories

The Quick-Change concept for standard mold bases Production changeovers in less than 10 minutes Standard mold bases can be interchanged in less than 10 minutes with MUD's Quick-Change adapter frame system. It’s the most economical quick-change system available and it works with any standard mold base in any molding machine up to 500-ton capacity. The system is based on a Master Unit Die frame that remains in the molding machine during production changeovers. The frame is installed without modifying the machine. Standard mold bases equipped with com- panion ear plates are interchanged within this adapter frame. Just one adapter frame accommodates an unlimited number of standard mold bases. While these frames can remain in the machine indefinitely, they are easily trans- ferred to other machines. No other special mounting hardware is required. The MUD® Quick-Change system is based on the unique slide and clamp approach to mold changeovers devel- oped by Master Unit Die Products. Standard mold bases equipped with MUD® ear plate sets simply slide in and out of the Quick-Change adapter frame. Just one MUD® adapter frame is needed for each molding machine selected for Quick-Change operation. Installation is fast. Simply clamp the Quick-Change adapter frame to the platens of any molding machine selected for Quick-Change operation. Companion ear plates are bolted to the standard mold bases to be inter- changed in the machine. Both the machine and the stan- dard mold bases are now ready for production change- overs in less than ten minutes. MUD® Quick-Change adapter frames and companion ear plates are available in six standard sizes. Each accom- modates a wide range of standard mold bases. Selecting the largest adapter frame that fits a molding machine allows interchanging of standard mold bases up to the machine’s maximum capacity.

MUD® Balancing Lift Bars These bars feature slide-and-lock attachment for fast positioning at the balance point of the standard mold base. This allows the mold base to be easily lowered in and raised out of the adapter frame. The bar fits over inexpensive but- tons mounted on mold bases in place of eye bolts. Lifting bars and companion buttons are available in capacities to 5,140 pounds. (See page AF 103) Quick Coupler KO Rod Systems This optional assembly permits molding machines’ hydraulic knockout systems to operate at their maximum stroke. The recommended system is based on three push points and one pull back. It locks the mold ejector system to the machine’s hydraulic knockout system with a simple push and turn action. (See page AF 102)

NOTE: Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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