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Companion ear plate installation instructions

Equipping standard mold bases with MUD® Quick-Change adapter system companion ear plates is a fast and easy procedure. The following steps are an efficient and recommended installation method. Preparation Before installing Master Unit Die Quick-Change adapter frame compan- ion ear plates, inspect the plates for foreign matter and high spots (400 grit stone is recommended for removing high spots). After the plates are cleaned and free of burrs, spray the surfaces with a high quality mold protection. This aids in preventing build-up between the MUD® companion ear plates and the standard mold base. Installation STEP 1: Mount the ear plate to the cavity side of the standard mold base using the base’s locating ring to locate the ear plate. Scale the side of the standard mold base in parallel to the ear plate and transfer the bolt holes. Then dowel the ear plate to the standard mold base.

Bolt and Dowel to Mold Base

Scale in Parallel


STEPS 3, 4 & 5

Find Center of Hole

Indicate in Straight and Strap to Table

STEP 2: Remove the ear plate from the standard mold base.

STEP 3: Set the cavity side ear plate on a machine capable of locating holes ±.001. Strap the ear plate on the machine, top side down. Indicate the runner side of the ear plate in straight.


STEP 4: Use indicator to find center of locating ring hole.

STEP 5: Place the two dowel pins in the plate or the standard mold base and set it on the ear plate.

STEP 6: Strap the standard mold base on the machine.

STEP 7: Install the ejector side ear plate bolt and dowel pin holes as indicated on the ear plate print.

STEP 8: Ear plates can be installed on each individual standard mold base for the most efficient production changeovers, or they can be transferred from one standard mold base to another. STEP 9: After the companion ear plates are installed on a standard mold base and the adapter frame is installed in the molding machine, the MUD® Quick-Change adapter frame system is ready for operation. Mold changes can now be made in as little as six to ten minutes.


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