MUD Quick Change Systems

AF 95

Cavity Side Installation STEP 1: Install the cavity side adapter frame in the Installation instructions

molding machine, using clamps or bolting directly through the clamp plate of the frame. The cavity side adapter frame is aligned by the locating ring.

Rotate the adapter frame to a vertical position by using a level on the inside of the ear plate retainer rail. Be sure the mount- ing bolts or clamps are tight.

STEP 2: Determine that the adapter frame companion ear plates are mounted on the standard mold base as detailed in the ear plate installation instructions.

Ejector Side Installation STEP 3: With the ear plates installed on the standard mold base, slide it into the ejec- tor side of the adapter frame prior to installation in the molding machine. Now clamp the standard mold base in the adapter frame using the clamps on the end of the frame.

STEP 4: Measure the total shut height of the ear plates,

standard mold base and adapter frame. Adjust the machine platens open an additional 1/16" to 3/16" to allow the assembly to slide between the platens and into the cavity side of the adapter frame.

STEP 5: Lift the ejector half of the adapter frame with the standard mold base installed using a MUD®

balanced lifting bar. Slide the standard mold base and ejector half adapter frame into the cavity half adapter frame already installed in the machine (Step 1).

STEP 6: Close the machine to clamp the mold halves together.

STEP 7: Clamp the standard mold base adapter frame ejector half to the machine platen.

STEP 8: To remove the ear plate equipped standard mold base from the adapter frame, unclamp the four (4) ear plate hold down clamps located on the tops of the adapter frame rails. Then open the machine approximately 1/16" to 3/16".

STEP 9: If bolts are to be used through the adapter frame clamp plate, remove the stan- dard mold base from the frame and install the bolts.

STEP 10: If the adapter frame is bolted through the clamp plate to the platen, the clamps (Step 7) can now be removed.

STEP 11: THE MUD® Quick-Change adapter frame is now ready to accept an unlimited number of standard mold bases equipped with companion ear plates.

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