Voltea Brochure - 2015

How CapDI © Works Water flows between electrodes in a 2-step process. Electrode surfaces are separated from the water by membranes that selectively allow positive or negative ions to pass.

2 Simple Steps

Purification Saline water passes between oppositely charged electrodes which electrostatically remove dissolved ions, leaving pure water flowing out of the cell.

Regeneration Feed water flushes through the cell at a lower flow rate, while electrode polarity is reversed. Ions are rejected from the electrode surface, concentrated in the flow channel and flushed from the cell.

Without CapDI © , this laundry only runs 8 hours before reaching the TDS limit of 1,000 ppm. The water is drained and refilled before continuing operations.


Addition of CapDI © to the treatment system delivers TDS removal at laundering temperatures, which allows recycling without ever reaching the TDS limit of 1,000 ppm. This run data shows the actual performance of a Voltea system matches the predicted performance essentially perfectly, and provides a longer run time, lower water use, and energy savings.

Voltea’s CapDI © technology is a chemical-free, low-cost, and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional water softening systems. From washing machines to coffee makers, appliances benefit from the tunable output water quality and hardness reduction that CapDI © delivers. Voltea has leveraged the same ruggedized, industrial technologies for smaller scale consumer appliances. These systems are the first to offer consumers the benefits of no-salt softening combined with low TDS for better tasting water and longer lifetime appliances. Design freedom and flexibility allows customization of module size, shape, and geometry for your specific application.


Model Number





2.5 cm

4.0 cm

6.0 cm

26cm x 20cm x thickness

*Flowrate Nominal / peak (L/min)

0.5 / 1.6

1.0 / 3.2

1.9 / 6.4

*Power Peak (W)




*Removal Nominal / peak (% hardness reduction)

60% / 90%

*Recovery (% water recovered as pure)

up to 90%

* Listed ranges are based on actual test data and incoming TDS of 500 μ S/cm. TDS of incoming water will drive minor variations in performance within the listed ranges.


Voltea systems feature tunable deionization of water for industrial and institutional applications.

Voltea’s IS series employ a simple modular design providing flexibility to treat a few mL/min up to thousands of m 3 /hr in a compact footprint. The IS series features real-time, remote monitoring and control capability. Modular designs allow flexibility to meet performance targets in limited space.


Voltea equipment improves operational performance and lifetime of a wide range of industrial equipment; from cooling and quenching towers to boilers, paint lines, and any application benefiting from salt-free, softened water.

Voltea currently operates CapDI © technology on 4 continents:

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