Rwanda's Gorillas - 2017

TREK NUMBER 2 All that first afternoon and into the evening, we kept assuring ourselves that we would skip the next day's gorilla trek. Our fellow travelers, Mayumi, Mark, Jim, and Lawrence, as well as Nadia (Africa Easy's owner), kept telling us during dinner that we just had to do it again, urging us to reconsider our hasty decision. But we went to our suite that night still saying we would not be doing it! The next day dawned beautifully and everyone we met and saw at breakfast was in a high state of excitement, ready to trek again! So, I am sure you are not surprised—we agreed to do it again! And are we ever glad that we did! "Special Family" we observed on this day really was special in so many ways. Plus, the trek was shorter, if steeper. And the drive to the trailhead was shorter as well. Plus our guide this time was one of the few female guides, Loyce. How could we not go with her name so close to mine? As we drove to this different trailhead, we passed the area where the "Naming Ceremony" had taken place and we were amazed to see that the fields had sprouted beautiful and colorful flowers overnight. The closer we came to those fields, the clearer we could see. It was not flowers at all that reflected their colors. It was thousands of paper cups, plates, drink cans, napkins and other detritus left by the happy celebrants. Though the sight could have been dismaying, it was not because many people, men, women, and children were busily at work in those fields picking up all the debris and leftovers from the celebration! This time we also noticed the cultivated fields we passed that looked like cotton fields—full of real white flowers rather than cotton bolls.

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