Rwanda's Gorillas - 2017

day at the staging area.

Four porters put her on a stretcher-like gurney and carried up and down the mountain! Strong and determined men these porters are. And apparently this was not particularly unusual; disabled folks are often conveyed to and fro for gorilla viewing. WOW! CONCLUSION Because of difficulties with flight availabilities to our various homes, Jim & Lawrence and Mark & Mayumi were able to leave on the same day we completed the 2 nd gorilla trek. We had time for all 6 of us to have a farewell dinner at a very famous hotel for our goodbyes. That facility is the Hotel Rwanda of movie fame. Don Cheadle starred in a Hollywood movie about the genocide, centering on the hotelier at that time who gave refuge to many desperate people who had nowhere to hide. Of course, the hotel has been renovated since l994, but the exterior presents the original appearance. We felt a bit strange considering what had gone on here not that many years ago. Kay and I spent that night and the next one there awaiting our flight to Nairobi and then to Dubai. We had thought we might like to go birding for half a day while we waited but decided that we had seen enough birds by now. Plus we knew that without our 4 brilliant birders, we would not be able to identify them definitely anyway. So we opted to laze around the comfortable patio outside and catch up on journaling and reading.

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