Rwanda's Gorillas - 2017

Tutsis & moderate Hutus were killed and many others fled to neighboring countries. Remember, that these genocidal uprisings had occurred from 1959 onwards but none of them were as organized and thorough as the 1994 horror. The hideous genocide devolved into a civil war which was only stopped by UN Peacekeeping forces with the help of the Ugandan government which was harboring so many of the exiles and refugees. Finally, in 1999, local free elections were conducted peacefully and then in 2003, the first post-genocide President was elected. In 2009, a joint military operation in conjunction with the Army of the Democratic Republic of the Congo rooted out the militant and extremist refugee Hutus and Tutsis that were continuing to threaten the new and fragile democracy. With all the killing that has gone on in the more remote past and also the recent past as well, no wonder there are very few older people left in the population; those generations have all perished. If anyone is interested in a longer and more detailed history of this woebegone country, here is a link to a good source. More recent events herald a possibly more positive future for Rwanda. A government of Unity and Reconciliation has been established and the entire country has been educated about the past and helped to face the future. School children are taught respect for all peoples and prejudice is being attacked head-on. An incredibly effective Museum in the capital city is a required destination for all citizens from children to survivors of the past—Kigali Genocide Memorial Center. _Memorial

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