Rwanda's Gorillas - 2017

This amazing memorial teaches the root causes of genocides, how hatred towards peoples can be orchestrated by tyrants, extremists of all stripes, even religions. It demonstrates propaganda techniques used in the Rwanda genocide as well as all other holocausts on the planet that we know about even in the distant pasts. It is a chilling reminder of how easily people can be demonized, made scapegoats, and dehumanized. Besides these lessons, the museum contains histories of many other genocides perpetrated by so many countries. It is also a memorial specifically for the Rwandans who died. There are videos of survivors telling their stories of almost unbelievable cruelties and barbaric behaviors. A mass grave site for over 250,000 dead is on the premises as well. A sobering visit indeed! Even scary, considering what's happening in our own country right now! Before we went on this trip, several people asked us if we thought it safe to travel there now. We blithely answered, "Yes, Indeed" because they are heavily promoting tourism now, especially gorilla trekking. And that's why we were going! We never felt anything but safe while in the country. GORILLA TREKKING Rwanda shares the Virunga Mountains with Uganda where many of the world's gorillas reside and where Dian Fossey did her seminal research on the Mountain Gorillas. She spent her life studying them and ultimately lost her life trying to protect them. There are two species of gorilla in the world: Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei. We visited the subspecies Gorilla beringei beringei in Rwanda. The Dian Fossey Foundation is located in Rwanda as well. If you are interested in

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