Rwanda's Gorillas - 2017

knowing about all the gorilla species, use this site--http://www.gorillas- We enjoyed an evening fight from Lusaka to Kigali, landing in the Rwandan capital after dark. Thus we were not able to appreciate the wonderfully modern Serena Hotel. We were too tired after a very long day and knew we would be on the go fairly early the next day. As mentioned above, our first visit of the day was in The Kigali Genocide Memorial Center. We spent about 3 painful hours there but it was certainly not to be missed. It was gratifying to see young students touring with their schoolmates (Hutus and Tutsis together) and there were many older Rwandans with us as well. The young people were properly grave and respectful and the older ones looked pained and pensive. Our uppermost reason to visit Rwanda was to see the gorillas in their natural habitat. I can even say that our primary reason for traveling anywhere is to see the animals and birds in their wild state wherever Mother Nature has put them. The next day, we drove out to the Gorilla Mountain View Lodge which would be our home during our gorilla trekking activities. It is a very nice place, comfortable and very large as well. Nice grounds and spacious rooms.

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