Work Zone Safety & Mobility Solutions


Ver-Mac has been working with key partners in the industry to develop a Work Zone Location Marker System to provide the start and end of every work zone to government agencies and the motoring public. WZLS can be combined with Ver-Mac’s Smart Arrow Board.

WORK ZONE LOCATION MARKER OBJECTIVES: • To provide government agencies and TMC’s accurate data of where work zones begin and end • To provide GPS location, roadway name and roadway direction of traffic WORK ZONE LOCATION MARKER APPLICATIONS • Any work zone, short or long term • Utility and maintenance crews • Rolling lane closures • Nighttime asphalt paving & bridge closures WORK ZONE LOCATION MARKER FEATURES • Work Zone Start and End Location • GPS Location • Road name where the Work Zone Starts and Ends • Mile marker where the Work Zone Starts and Ends • Direction of the traffic WORK ZONE LOCATION MARKER BENEFITS: • IMPROVED SAFETY Government agencies and TMC know the beginning and end of all work zones • ENHANCED MOBILITY Government agencies can proactively manage traffic conditions to the motoring public • TRANSPARENT TECHNOLOGY Information can be sent to 3rd party data for enhanced travel information • WORK ZONE CLOSURE DATA Government agencies have a history of work zone locations, direction (north/south bound, and duration) • SMART ARROWBOARD COMPATIBLE The Smart Arrowboard can be used as the Start of the work zone system or within the system to identify lane closures

Red marker for end of work zone

Green marker for begining of work zone


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