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beyond their retail aisles opened the door to even more benefits for professional contractors and service technicians. From special contractor pricing and same-day shipping to job site delivery in-store pickup and special orders, Home Depot Pro provides the products and services that professional contractors, technicians, and real estate investors need to maintain and grow their businesses. To maximize customers’ spending power, the company offers a business line of credit for qualified contractors. For extra convenience, they link The Home Depot® ProPurchase card to this credit line. The ProPurchase card allows customers to use their business line of credit for in-store shopping. It also makes tracking these purchases easy and provides one account billing and payment on a consolidated invoice, which is unprecedented in the maintenance and supply industry.

Home Depot Pro also offers business solutions that maximize potential profit for you. Innovative Inventory Management programs address the daily challenges that you might face by managing product inventory in multiple locations, providing visibility to inventory in a cost-effective way. Home Depot Pro representatives work closely with you and your team to customize programs that best fit your needs and business model. • Think Realty members can take advantage of these benefits and more through the Think Realty Supplier Program. Think Realty partners with companies like Home Depot Pro to bring discounts to Think Realty members. Learn more about savings available to Think Realty members at

investing industry? This Think Realty Supplier can help you achieve more savings (equating to higher profit) on your real estate investments. Home Depot Pro, formerly Barnett, has been empowering professionals since1958. Professional contractors and tradespeople have known The Home Depot Pro™ as an exceptional distributor of pro-grade plumbing, HVAC, and electrical products, as well as a consultant on changing trends and industry regulations. Their national team of dedicated and knowledgeable Specialty Trades Sales Professionals focuses on wholesale relationships providing reliable, knowledgeable customer service and innovative business solutions to customers like you — flippers and real estate investors — who renovate properties and who have a team of contractors and subcontractors working on their investment properties. The strength

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