What is Philanthroinvesting?

It is “feel good” investing.

It is investing with a social conscience. It’s a 8%-12% Cap Rate for you based on your purchase of property at 40–60% under ARV (After Repair Value) and you are the bank!

No wonder Equity and Help was listed as #128 in the Inc. 500 in 2019!

How do we do it?

We closely track the list of foreclosed properties from banks, real estate busi- nesses, and vendors. Our specialized software program runs hours of due diligence finding the most viable homes. We inspect and purchase diamonds in the rough. We then complete basic setup to prepare the home for market. Massive promotion in key areas brings us stable and low-risk households who qualify for our homes through our vetting process and have the ability to make further repairs to the home. The family live in their own home for less than rent, increase the standard of living for the family, the neighborhood, and com- munity. Families who otherwise could not qualify for usual bank loans (but are able and reliable buyers) are given the opportunity to become homeowners, Are you someone who would like to grow your capital in more ethical and inno- vative ways? Join our combination of innovative, investment and philanthropic enterprise with Philanthropic Investments

2 | think realty magazine :: april 2020

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