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heart and spirit of national influencers. Transform and disrupt the cycle of poverty and housing-cost burdens through entrepreneurialism and thought innovation. That starts with home — with the center, with the heart. When I’ve led efforts to defeat bad state legislation, taking a stand to elevate all parties was a demonstrably successful tactic in defeating those policy initiatives. Using the same perspective, we can be as successful nationally, which can also influence state policy. The federal grant system can influence state and local policy execution; it will require federal law to change the system. This is the reason for the creation of the Federated Association to Innovate Rental Housing (FAIR Housing): to advocate for not only independent investors, but for the renters and the housing industry we serve — for the betterment of ALL. As a nonprofit, FAIR Housing gains access to legislators that we would otherwise find unattainable, so we can share your story. Imagine facing more than 10 million housing providers who also advocate for their renters: the sound of a single voice with the influence and potential energy to broker political power at federal, state, and local levels. It has the entrepreneurial desire and capacity to add substantial supply of low-cost affordable housing at scale and the power to rebuild neighborhoods. In this vision, housing providers are undeniably viewed as a contribution to community, culture, and revival. Your story can be a legacy that elevates everyone. •

BrianWojcik is a housing industry advocate who transitioned into real estate, both as an investor and property manager, after more than two decades of experience in engineering, sales, executive management, and operational/business process reengineering consulting. He resides in Howard County, MD, where he volunteers to

teach a “Tenant Success” program he created for Bridges to Housing Stability, and where he created Landlord411 to assist rental housing providers. His expertise of the independently owned rental-housingmarket has been sought after for local and state level legislation/policy development. Mr. Wojcik has been published in national publications about legislative issues, affordable housingmatters, and rental housing advocacy. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Management fromClarkson University and a Master of Science degree in Real Estate fromThe Johns Hopkins University. He is founder of

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