Embracing Opportunity Without Sacrificing Returns


by Tom Olson


n today’s world of always trying to make “the next big impact” in community, business, or life, real estate investors often end up overlooking the big picture of their investment strategies. They abandon one strategy for another and pride themselves on ruthlessly cutting deals. The constant need to shift, change, and ostentatiously grow is hurting the real estate investing industry and diminishing growth patterns. To make the most of the right opportunities, you must filter them not just by immediate profit but also by the long-term ripple impact on your business, your life, and your goals. When you apply the right opportunity filter to your real estate business and investments, everything will begin to flourish. An opportunity filter does not ask you to set aside the importance of generating returns or making big profits. After all, most real estate investors got into the industry because they wanted to make money! However, not every investor has the same plans for that money. Some want big houses and fancy cars. Some want more time spent with family and friends or on hobbies or passion projects. Others want to give most or all of that money

away entirely. Every investor is different, which is why each investor needs a different opportunity filter. Opportunity filters help investors evaluate how new opportunities fit into their current goals and investing methodologies. If the opportunity fits the filter, then they continue to explore it. If it does not, they let the opportunity pass. In this manner, they are able to conserve their time, attention, and energy for the opportunities that are most likely to fit their personal and professional needs and goals. Every real estate-related opportunity filter has things in common:


It assumes the investor wants/needs to generate income.


It factors in an investor’s time, talents (resources), and treasure (operating budget or investment capital) into the equation.


It sets priorities for different aspects of personal and professional life.

26 | think realty magazine :: april 2020

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