Passive Investing: Cash-flowing Real Estate Without Hassles of Operations


he Triangle area has been at the top of the market list for over two years now. The market is consistently strong with growing rental demand. It took us over eighteen months to acquire our first multifamily asset in the area. apartment complex in October 2019. This continues to be a strong asset adding to our growing portfolio in the Carolinas. This asset was acquired for $51.5mil and helped us grow our multifamily portfolio to over $120mil last year. RENOVATION PLANS The plan for this property is to perform moderate interior renovations to bring the units up to the standards that the surrounding Brier Creek sub-market is commanding. This asset is located in an A-class area and thus demands granite counters, tile backsplash, new lighting and plumbing packages, and new flooring throughout. The exteriors are also receiving a face-lift with new exterior paint, landscaping refresh, package concierge service, We closed on the 270-unit, Carrington at Brier Creek,

and updating the patio area.

with $1mil in net worth, not including their primary residence, or they have $200,000 of annual income ($300,000 if married) for the past two years and have a reasonable expectation that it will continue. PASSIVE REAL ESTATE INVESTINGWITH SELF- DIRECTED IRAOR 401K FUNDS About 25-30% of our investors are investing via their self-directed retirement accounts. So many people do not realize that they can actually “self-direct” their IRA or 401ks and helps educate investors to learn how this is possible. LEARNABOUT INVESTING WITHPASSIVEINVESTING.COM To learn more about our group and how you can join us as a passive real estate investor visit www. and sign up for our Passive Investor Club. One of our managing partners will schedule a call with you to discuss your investment goals to make sure we are the right fit for your investment portfolio. •

UNDERSTANDING OUR INVESTORS Our investors are everyday people looking to invest in stabilized, cash flowing assets that are typically reserved for large institutional groups. We have a mix of professionals including business owners, executives, engineers, accountants, doctors, attorneys, and a family office that trust us to find these quality assets. currently has over 406 active investors in our various projects. Many investors do not realize that they can invest in these types of assets until they start doing some research on their own. Our projects are reserved for the accredited investor who is looking to invest in cash flowing real estate without the hassles managing the day-to-day operations as a landlord.

WHAT ISANACCREDITED INVESTOR? An accredited investor is someone


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