Self-Directed Investing: A Wealth of Opportunity Beyond Securities

by Jim Hitt, American IRA


hen most investors consider their investing options,

metals stored in depositories, and more. You can own different types of properties, from raw land to single- family homes to portions of large commercial buildings.

competitors, who charge investors a sliding-scale fee based on assets under administration. We charge the same rate for each account, regardless of size. As such, we are able to focus on providing the same high level of service to all our clients. Dealing with us is like dealing with a local bank where the employees know you well. We have ongoing relationships with our clients, which simplifies the process for them. They understand and appreciate what our business is all about. Our unique platform allows our clients to be recognized as an individual instead of just an account number. • Small business retirement plans offer self- employed and small business owners tax savings and an opportunity to save for their retirement years. We offer SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Solo 401(k)s and Traditional 401(k) Interested in learning more about Small Business Retirement Plans or Self-Directed IRAs? Contact American IRA for a free no- obligation consultation at 828-257-4949 or visit us at s.

they may automatically think of exchange-traded securities, bonds and annuities. To diversify is to incorporate a broad mix of these types of assets. There is, however, a lesser-known path to greater diversification that includes a range of investment options outside the securities world: The Self-Directed IRA. American IRA is an established firm offering investors the opportunity to pursue more unique paths to diversification through Self-Directed IRAs and 401(k) accounts. More and more investors, and the independent advisors who serve them, are exploring these avenues. HARDASSETS: AGREAT ADDITIONTOANYPORTFOLIO American IRA clients’ investments run the gamut: real estate of all kinds, private IRA lending, private entities in need of capital, precious

Clients benefit from these alternative assets not being

correlated to the stock market. If the securities portion of their portfolio takes a dip, their hard assets may not reflect a similar decline.

KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE FOR INVESTORS ANDADVISORS American IRA serves as the Third-Party Administrator on behalf of the Custodian, New Vision Trust Company, a state-chartered South Dakota Trust Company. New Vision Trust Company and American IRA are related by common ownership. This common ownership helps create sensibility to the investment process. We charge a low, set annual fee for our services, since we are not advising or contributing to the growth of the account—unlike many of our


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