by Robert Syfert, L ook, if you’re like me—a fellow Real Estate Investor—you’re over it. The mere glimpse of these

all, and I’ve researched the market. What I’ve found is that most CRM’s today are simply too complicated to configure and maintain. Almost all of them

three letters makes you cringe. If you’re fortunate enough not to know what I’m referring to, count yourself blessed. But for the rest of us, you probably feel my sentiment deep down in your core. is really as great as they’re telling themselves it is. This year alone, there are over 700 CRM’s vying for your

were incomplete and required additional software, tools, or third party services to work as promised.

DEALS CLOSE THEMSELVES WHEN YOUR BUSINESS INVESTS IN RELATIONSHIPS. It all comes down to relationships in our industry. Relationships that require a human touch and not a

cold autoresponder that fills in their name and sends the same message to both buyers and sellers. I spent months searching high and low to find a service that had the tools I needed to manage my business and provided individualized touch points that were genuine, unique and personalized. Guess what I found… Nothing! So I decided to build it myself. YOU DON’T NEEDANOTHER CRM. YOUNEEDA CUSTOMIZABLE RELATIONSHIP INVESTMENT TOOL. If the idea of converting to another CRM makes your heart race, I get it. Trust me. I’ve been there. Through my own trials and tribulations, I’ve found most systems to be too generic and lacking true personalization, as well as the flexibility I need to manage my business. You need something more. You need a solution that’s designed specifically for Real Estate Investors like you and me. You need a headache-free conversion and relationship investing tool that takes the time to learn about your customers and personalize each touchpoint. You need a CRM that actually delivers on the promise of taking your business to the next level. And that’s exactly why I built •

attention. Every single one of them promises to answer all your business woes with one “simple to use” platform. They promise better customer relationships, more

efficient processes, and time savings to name a few. As a busy investor, anything that could save me time and streamline my processes was worth looking into. What did I find when I opened that shiny CRM door?

A BUNCH OF EMPTY PROMISES… Look, I’m not cynical by nature. But unfortunately, I’m well versed in trying out multiple tools, methods, and CRM’s that underperformed and failed to deliver on their promises. Much like all of my peers in the Real Estate Investing industry, time is money. The idea of saving time while streamlining my business made me jump at those shiny promises. After lots of money thrown out the window and endless hours wasted, I finally came to a conclusion.

MY REAL ESTATE INVESTING COMPANY DIDN’T NEED ANOTHER CRM! I can almost hear your gasp—but it’s true. I’ve tried most

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