The Proper Real Estate Education


by Michael Zuber

hen starting out in real estate investing, education is vital. But in a world of $10,000 Masterminds and Free YouTube University where do you go? Do the paid sources offer things the free platforms don’t? Is there any real magic that real estate gurus sell for thousands of dollars? Let me start by saying anyone that proports to charge you thousands of dollars for the secrets of investing is not to be trusted. There are no secrets and no magic formulas. However, the free platforms offer an equally perplexing problem. How do you follow a path to learn when you bounce around and look at 50 different options? Real estate is powerful because it offers so many options, but when starting out these free platforms can create chaos, or worse, lots of wasted time. As someone who is often sought out for advice on this topic, I offer a simple process to help new investors become educated, save time, and save money from gurus who are glorified salespeople and not actual investors. STEP 1: The first thing a new investor must do is figure out what kind of investor they are, or they want to be. Do you have cash for buy and hold? Do you have skills to repair properties and flip? Do you have a network of deep pocket investors and can syndicate good deals? W

Sit back and ask yourself, “Who am I and where do I want to start investing?”

STEP 2: Once you figure out what type of investor you want to be it is time to find someone like you who does what you want to do. If you want to flip properties, don’t follow a buy and hold person and if you want to buy apartments don’t follow a single-family investor. STEP 3: Cut out the noise of everything else and dive into your chosen area and figure out if you have found the right mentor/educator and if the strategy you chose is right for you. Don’t stress if your first choice is not right, just regroup and start over at Step 1.

Trust these steps and keep learning, keep growing, and stay true to your intended focus. •

Michael Zuber worked in the Silicon Valley since graduating from Santa Clara University 20+ years ago. After wasting time and money in his 20s, he began investing buy and hold rental properties and never looked back. Michael grew his rental property portfolio from a single rental house to financial freedom in 15 years. Now that he no longer has a day job, he shares his story via his self-published book and YouTube Channel, both called One Rental at a Time.

72 | think realty magazine :: april 2020

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