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T hink Realty and AAPL are advocates for YOU! This year, members of Think Realty and the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) will return to Washington, D.C. where they will meet with legislators on key issues affecting the real estate investing industry. "Throughout our advocacy efforts, we’ve found that our largest hurdle is that legislators do not see private lenders and real estate investors as business owners who support communities and strive to alleviate the affordable housing issue that plagues this nation. Day on the Hill is our chance to tell the real story of what we do and why we matter," Linda Hyde, Managing Director of AAPL and Think Realty said. This initiative started in 2019 when the two organizations each launched a meaningful dialogue with legislators, informing them on the real estate investment industry, how it functions, and how investors can help solve issues in affordable housing, and more. Top issues to be discussed this year will be taxation, mortgage licensing, and opportunity zones. Day on the Hill

Conversations like these can lead to reform, which could benefit not only real estate investors and private lenders, but also communities nationwide. The Day on the Hill initiative is a positive step to improving inhabitability and home values across the U.S. •

Titan Talk Video Series

- Personal Endorsement by Eddie Wilson - 20 min interview by Eddie on location: 1 on 1 with CEO - B roll footage shot of client’s office to be used in video - Feature article in both Think Realty Magazine and Private Lender Magazine -Article in Think Realty Newsletter -Titan Talk Web page section dedicated to client for 12 months- Includes video, client profile, feature article and any other articles by client

- Posted on Eddie Wilson’s personal social media pages and website -Posted on Think Realty Podcast -Presidents’ Circle Membership for 1 year -Social media post- Min 1x per month for 12 months on TR and AAPL pages -Line previewing article on cover of both magazines.

INVESTMENT: $15,000 current Presidents’ Club member $20,000 non-member


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