King's Business - 1920-03

248 THE K I N G ’ S BUS I NE S S but the strange thing is that intelligence is imparted which was never in the mind of the operator. Lost articles are often located, and most mys­ terious things happen to those Who study the laws of operation. One fea­ ture is the number of indecent words that are produced. The moral and spiritual effect upon those who practice these arts, and the character of the utterances obtained is proof enough that an evil power is back of them. God does not seek to lead His children by such methods, and His Word con­ demns all such dabbling in the powers of darkness. “ In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.” To seek direction from any other source except God Himself, is a dangerous practice and positively forbidden by the Bible. ' ; u K. L. B. j JK j . a » C H R I S T ’S Prussian Metkods During the war two Chicago University professors scared a lot of simple folks out of their 'belief in the second coming of Christ by insinuat­ ing that the doctrine was “ pro-German propaganda.” They went so far as to suggest that those believing in the premillennia]! coming of the Lord should be investigated. And what next! Why, a prominent preacher of the West now charges that if Christ comes in power to reign, as it is taught by hundreds of Bible scholars that He will, He will be guilty of using “ Prussian methods” . He contends that it is unthinkable that Christ should ever have to resort to any kind of force to conquer the world. Of course there is nothing new in the argument that man can conquer the world without the literal coming of the Lord, even though those who have used thé argument have always been a little embarrassed for Scripture to show that it is the purpose of God to conquer the world by religion, edu- ' cation and scientific progress in this present age. However, it does seem a bit presumptuous to charge that it would be analogous to “ Prussian methods” for Christ to judge this age and seize the reins of government over His own earth. Has He no right to clear His'earth of the tares that will be among the wheat to the end? May He not assume His own right­ ful authority? Is there no difference between a rapacious Prussianism and the righteous exercise of divine power? Let’s face the facts: has the progress of the Gospel ever justified the hope that the world as such would ever accept it? No one denies the power of the Gospel to accomplish its own end. The question is, was it ever the design of the Gospel to convert the whole world in this age? It has always sifted men. It draws—it repels. It saves—it hardens. Savour of life— savour of death. Power of God—foolishness. What Scripture says it will ever be1different in this age? We are plainly told that its acceptation will be limited, and that in the closing days of the age, it will be more limited. (2 Tim. 3:1; 4:3-4; 2 Thess. 2:8-12.);. God is gathering out a people for His name. (Acts 15:14.) That is what the Gospel is intended to do. It always has done it, is doing it now, will doj it until the Body of Christ is complete.

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