King's Business - 1920-03

To know the world, one must know God; to know God one does not have to know the world. True/ religion possesses God; true science finds God; true philosophy seeks God. There are two men who please God: the man who loves Him with all his heart because he knows Him and the man who seeks Him with all his heart because he knows Him not. The atheist sees God in nothing. The pantheist sees God in everything. True godliness sees God over everything and looks for Him in anything. To believe the evidence about Christ is not necessarily to believe on Him. From God men may keep away, but from Him they can never get away. Let no man think because he plans not with God, he plans without God. The. remedies for the ills of men that have no Christ in them are like the lights that glow in the field on sum­ mer nights; beautiful in the dark until daylight reveals them to be only-iii bugs. By falling before God, we rise toward Him. Man is not great until he beholds his own littleness. The crying sin toward man is selfish­ ness; the crying sin toward God is self- righteousness. A man’s satisfaction with himself is to God’s satisfaction with him as the arms of the scales are to each other; when one goes up the other goes down. Tears of pain may draw men to God but tears of penitence draw God to men. It is a mark of true knowledge of God when men see themselves as most unlike God.

Have furrows been cut in your heart? Then let God sow the seeds of His grace there. Keep yourself a bruised reed and God will make out of you a polished shaft. There can be no peace with self with­ out the death of Christ and no peace with God without ,tho death of self. God asks little of you, but He asks your best. Christ is ready to turn your water into wine, but He expects us to keep it from turning to vinegar. God may shut every door about us, but He never shuts the door above us! God can be moved only in the propor­ tion you are ready to let Him move you. Men will be condemned for what they are— sinners. They will be punished for what they do. Human love lives on what it receives; divine love lives on what it gives. Men look upon the quantity of their sorrow; God upon its quality. Only that is true love to Christ which enables us to love our enemies and pity His enemies. True love to man comes only after a crucifixion; true love to God only after a resurrection. Demons believe in Christ; saints trust Him. If you do not trust God you cannot afford to trust men. If the world has nothing to say against you, Christ will have little to say to you. . Most of the shadows that cross our path through life are caused by our standing in our own light.

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