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marked Bible.” Then she broke down crying when she went on to say :. “ John 3:16 gripped me as never before and has made a changed woman of me. Everything is so different as I see that it’s just believing that counts.” Proof of the change was given when she showed such real anxiety for the salva­ tion of a near relative, wanting to send to him the same Bible to read that had so changed her life. Had a False Assurance Near the close of a Bible Class recent­ ly, a young woman spoke out, saying: “ Could one be saved and not know it? From a child I was taugjit to love Jesus and very young joined the church and supposed I was all right, but since hav­ ing the lessons in the Gospel of John, I am afraid I am not saved.” Before she was through speaking, so many seemed to be in prayer that the teacher did an unusual thing in dealing with her in the presence of the class. While the tears streamed from her eyes, she soon said: “ Oh, I do need Him so, and Xdo beliéve and receive Him. Now I am His child according to the Word, am I not?” A quiet little lady next to her had a new light in her eyes as she took the hand of the teacher afterward, and we think she never had seen a soul yield to the Spirit so before. It was a very subdued, quiet band of women that went to their homes that day after a real Spirit in­ dicated prayer by one of the number. God’s Power to Transform At the close of a Sunday evening ser­ vice, as I looked about for some unsaved soul, I found two young women near the front; seated when all about them were standing. Seating myself beside one, Xsoon learned that-she was a back­ slider, but when I urged the claims of Christ upon her, she answered with the one word, “ impossible.” Moving to the side of her companion, I learned that until the meetings, she had regarded herself a Christian; but now, knowing the way, she, too, declared it “ impos­ sible.” Again and again did the Spirit lay upon my heart these two young women and for four nights led me to them. It was on my fourth approach, just a week from our first talk, that they both surrendered to the Lord. At thè close of the meetings, I found them both to be employed in a large hotel, surrounded with Christian Scien­ tists, and because their hours of work made attendance at church well nigh impossible, a Bible Class was started

the time spent in bed there was much opportunity for prayer. While the sprained ankle was paining and did not seem to get better, news of arriving ships made it a hardship almost unen­ durable to the worker to be thus laid aside. While still very sick and in no condition to be out, a large British steamer was due and the Lord seemed to lead very definitely, laying a big bur­ den upon the worker for that ship. Yet the foot was not healing quickly, and there seemed no opportunity to reach that vessel. Yet God had a way. The ship was delayed in arriving and stayed in port much longer than antici­ pated. Hobbling along the worker got to the ship, the first ship reached after the accident. It was far out in the bay, and access was possible only over a long rope ladder with the foot still swollen and bad. Yet the message was delivered. Soon it was found that the leading was of God and the first man spoken to, a wireless operator, accepted Christ. He had had a Pocket Testament given him somewhere in England, but he did not have it signed on the back page. He was indifferent and careless, but God led and he accepted Christ. Full of joy we went to the next man, who offered the worker a glass of beer; but he forgot beer and all, and speaking only of Christ, this soul also came under conviction an4 accepted Christ. He was the steward of the ship, the second man approached, and the second convert. Then a fine young fellow asked the worker to come to his cabin and proved to be the third person spoken to and the third soul won for the Lord. Yes, it was all clear why the call came to- board that ship, and it was a hard thing to keep quiet and not dance with joy even with a lame fool. “ He is able,”— and the afternoon spent under those happy circumstances will never be for­ gotten. On the same ship we saw incense burned to an idol among the Chinese crew, but had the joy of .giving the Gos­ pel in print to every man.— Oscar Zim­ merman, Supt.


A Marked Bible A YOUNG woman testified to the power of the written Word, when she said: “ Since Mother left us last summer, I have been reading her

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