King's Business - 1920-03

274 bed and reading from the Word without comment for nearly an hour, the Bible Woman sees a change coming over the sick girl. She is less restless, is trying to grasp the meaning of the readihg; so again she is urged to pray, “ Jesus, save me.” No, she can’t but it is evident she is yielding. Another half hour is spent in just reading His- Word, and again the question. At last, word by word, she repeats,' “ Jesus-save-me” , then, “ I am-a-sinner-saved-by-grace.” The last word could scarcely be heard, but the light could be seen now: She was going out but not in darkness. “ And there was joy in heaven over one soul saved” , and a happy meeting of her Lord two days later. DR. KELLER’S WORK Floating Bible Schools O UR readers will be interested in the reproduction of a report show­ ing the work accomplished by the Floating Bible Schools in Hunan, China, under the direction of our Dr. Frank A. Keller. There are six of these boats, each manned by thirteen men, (78 workers in all), who are taking their Bible courses during a part of the day and devoting the rest of their time to col- portage work from town to town, and throughout the country districts. The report given, it will be noticed, is for two weeks only, and shows over ten thousand homes visited during that time. This would mean that over twenty thousand homes were visited during the entire month. The cost of maintaining one of these boats, including the upkeep of the boat, workers’ salaries and cost of literature, is $5000.00 a year, or $30,000.00 for the six boats. This means an expendi­ ture of $2,500.00 every month. Could you think of an investment which would - bring in bétter returns than to have a share in reaching twenty thousand homes every month with the Gospel? We have a little booklet which tells about the work in detail which we will be glad to send to any one, upon request.

THE K I N G ’ S BUS I NE S S UNITED STATES IN PROPHECY One of the most frequent questions asked is “Where is the United States in prophecy?” The United States does not figure in prophecy specifically. The history of the United States lies largely within the period of the prophetic gap, con­ cerning which there is nothing specific in the Scriptures. It was not a part of the Roman Empire, and it cannot well be a part of the restored empire when the ten kings shall take their place to rule the Roman world in the last pe­ riod of Gentile rule. That it will be af­ fected, and tremendously affected, by what takes place in that federation can not well be doubted; but what the ef­ fect will be the Lord has not seen fit to foretell in prophecy, except in that gen­ eral inclusion of it in the “ all nations” that will be in distress at the time of the end. A consideration of these facts indi­ cates that when the league of nations, portrayed in the ten federated kings of the image’s toes, finally settles down to a workable basis, the United States will not be a prominent factor in that" fed­ eration. May we not discover here a possible reason for the long delay in the settle­ ment of the European situation? If, as we have shown there is good reason to believe, no nations will be in that last federation but the nations carved from the old Roman world, may we not expect unrest and disorder until out­ side nations are eliminated? And if this is so, will it not be the hastening of bringing a temporary world peace for these nations outside of the ten to withdraw from the league?— Friend’s Minister.

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