King's Business - 1920-03



Christ as a Priest is— "Powerful. Matt. 9:6. Righteous. Heb. 7:26. Immortal. Heb. 7:23, 24. Exalted. Heb. 9 ¡11, 12. Saving. Heb. 7:25. Tender. Heb. 10:2; 11:17; 4:15.

i. e., as knocking the weapon out of the accuser’s hand. Satan’s ( “ your ad­ versary,” 1 Pet. 5:8) claims dissolved. — The Christian. Daily .Grace for Daily Living 1. Grace that bringeth salvation. Titus 2:11. 2. Grace that teaches us how to live. Titus 2:12. 3. Grace that gives us a song. Col. 3:16. 4. Grace that gives strength and courage. 2 Tim. 2:1. 5. Grace to enable us to serve God with acceptance. Heb. 12:28. 6. Grace that makes us grow. 2 Peter 3:18. 7. Grace in abundance to make us victors. Rom. 5:20, 21. — Good Seed. Some Hints For Gospel Speakers 1. Throw shoulders back, straighten spinal column, prepare by deep breaths. Hold this position while speaking. Arms held loosely'. Hands never placed in pockets. Move about. 2. Don’t let hands interfere with thought. (No fussing with things.) Form no characteristic action with the hands. Every such motion detracts from the thought. ,3 . Use gesture, when there is a defi­ nite reason for it, never otherwise. Gestures are not ornaments but helps. Use them for clearness and force, never for themselves alone. 4. In speaking move the lips, so that a deaf person could easily read the words from their motion. 5. Do not drink cold water while speaking or immediately after. 6. Avoid monotony of tone. Vari­ ety and constant change. 7. Open mouth more widely than usual when speaking. Throw the voice forward in full rich tones. 8. Speak slowly and carefully, sounding every syllable.

The Blood of Redemption The precious “ Blood” is mentioned four times in Revelation. Let us note the wonderful significance of this four­ fold reference in its special bearing on our conflict and victory in these clos­ ing days before the coming “ wrath of the Lamb,” Rev. 6:16,. 1. The Delivering Power of the Blood, Rev. 1:5: “ Unto Him that . . . loosed us (R .y .) from our sins by His blood,” i. e., loosed as from fetters, from bondage, from captivity, by the payment of what is called in Matt. 20: 28, “ a loosing price” (ransom)— sin’s .chains broken. . 2. The Purchasing Power of the Blood, Rev. 5:9: “ Thou wast slain, and hast purchased us (R.Y.) to God by Thy blood.” It is the same word as that translated “ bought,” 1 Cor. 6:20; J:23 : “ Ye are bought with a price.” It emphasizes the process by which the “ loosing” from sin (No. 1) was brought about, sin’s debt paid, the captive set free. 3. The Cleansing Power of the Blood, Rev. 7:14, R.V.: “ They washed their robes and made them white in the blood of th.e Lamb,” i. e., as from defilement. It is the treasured assur­ ance of 1 John 1:7, “ The blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from all sin.” Sin’s stains removed. 4. The Conquering Power of the Blood, Rev. 12:11: “ They overcame (Gr.: conquered) him (the accuser, v. 10) because of the blood of the Lamb,;’

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