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er, he said: “ How is it that I should be so long under conviction when you found comfort so soon?” “ O brother!” replied the Indian, “ I tell you: There came along rich prince; he promised to give you new coat; you look at your coat and say, ‘I don’t know: my coat is pretty good; I believe it will do a little longer.’ He then offered me new coat; I looked at my old blanket, and say nothing: I throw it away and take new coat. Just so, brother, you try to keep your righteousness for some time; you hate to give it up; but I, poor In­ dian, had none; therefore, I was glad at once to receive the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ!” Reader, do as did the poor Indian, and you will obtain immediate peace with God. OUR “UNSCIENTIFIC” GOD When a dog overeats, it has sense enough, by a God-given instinct, to take

recourse to the purgative properties of certain kinds of grass. At the same time it gives its stomach a rest from food and in a short time is restored to natural health. If Christian Science is the God-appointed science of keeping the body in health, it is rather strange that God has given animals in His cre­ ation an instinct that immediately recognizes sickness and takes curative measures. Is it, not a pity that there is no way of communicating to the dumb creatures this new and better way of denying disease? 7 How utterly un­ scientific our Lord Jesus must have been when He cured diseases by first recognizing them and then casting them out by the power of God.^A Los An­ geles Physician. Contributions of $5 or over to the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, entitle givers to a year’s subscription to “ The King’s Business.”

“ TOO BUSY!” You say you’re too busy this morning, In the maelstrom of family cares, And husband must rush to the office, So there isn’t a moment for prayers. The children are sent to the schoolroom, And the grind of the day then begins, With no word from God’s Book to remember, Nor the echo of strengthening hymns. What wonder the burdens are heavy, And the hours' seem irksomely long; What wonder that rash words are ’spoken, And that life seems discordant and wrong! Pause for a little each morning, And again at the close of the day, To talk with the Master who loves you — Remember, He taught us to pray. ■—-(Author Unknown)'

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