King's Business - 1920-03

The Chosen People,The Land and 4ie Booh Notes Concerning tne Jev?s and Propkeq?

together with Dr. Weizman, the chief of the English Zionist Commission. He will also establish in Jerusalem a de­ partment of the Bombay University for sociology and civics. Jewish Situation in Europe The position of Jewry in Central Europe is such as cannot but cause dis­ tress of mind to all lovers of liberty and justice. What with pogroms and other developments of the Anti-Semitic spirit, the outlook for the Jewish people is full of menace. Such is the conviction of those who ought to know; and one such authority is Dr. Samuel Daiches, the well-known Rabbi, who, while call­ ing upon British Jews to make their voices heard in protest, also holds the time to be ripe for a moral ultimatum to the nations of Europe. Don’t Like Jewish Dominance Efforts to prevent the Jews from be­ coming dominant in the Holy Land are being pushed forward in several quar­ ters. Singular to say, Cardinal Mer- cier has become honorary President j of the so-called “ Friends of the Holy Land,” but still more strange, the French Dreyfusard and anti-clerical, M. Joseph Reinach, has joined in the move. Meanwhile, the Clericals cannot prevent the Jewish flag from flying on the high seas. Passenger and cargo vessels of Jewish ownership are plying between Jaffa, Constantinople and Odessa, and they sail, with British per­ mission, under the blue and white ban­ ner of David. The Jerusalem Jews A great change for the better has. been made with regard to the organ­ izing capacity of the Jewish inhabit­ ants in Jerusalem. Before the war the

Hebrew Officially Recognized As a /Sign oi national progress, it has been announced that the British Mili­ tary Authorities have issued an order that the Hebrew language, as well as English, French, and Arabic, shall be treated as one of the official languages of the country. Chinese Jews Helping The Jewish Community of Shanghai, China, donated $10,000 toward a fund with which to build a temple of art and science in Jerusalem. The other Zionists in Shanghai are working as­ siduously for this fund. The collective Jewish community of that city sent a petition to the Peace Conference in Paris to give Palestine to the Jews. Jewish Evangelization In emulation of a number of Protes­ tant denominations who have included Jewish Evangelization in their exten­ sion programs, the Protestant Episcopal Church has formulated a similar plan anch has pledged to raise and devote $1,000,000 towards Jewish Evangeliza­ tion. At one of the meetings held in New York City some time ago, the idea developed that trying to evangelize the Jews would offend them and provoke an unpleasant agitation. It was therefore decided that the term “ Jewish Evange­ lization” should be changed to “ Chris­ tian Americanization” and that such ef­ fort would not incite opposition of the Jewish leaders. Making Jerusalem Modern The Zionists have engaged Patrick Geddes, Professor of Botany in St. An­ drews University, Scotland, for the work of making Jerusalem a modern city. Professdr Geddes, who is considered the greatest authority on civics, will work

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