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Boil your soul in love, let it enter every pore. The process will make you stronger, more durable, most beautiful, more constant, more healthful and proof against those little gnawing frets and worries that eat holes in our char­ acter. Love’s Band for the Church. There was a small band of three hun­ dred cavalry in the Theban army whc proved a great terror to any enemy with whom they were called to fight. They were companions who had bound them­ selves together by a vow of perpetual friendship, determined to stand together until the last drop of their blood was spilled upon the ground. They were called the “ Sacred Battalion, or the Band of Loves,” and they were bound alik^ by affection for the state and fi­ delity to each other, and thus achieved marvels, some of which seem almost fabulous. “ By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love A gentleman visting one of the hos­ pitals for lepers in India, and wishing to test the nurse on duty, said, “ You must have a great deal of enthusiasm for humanity to labor here amongst these awful cases of disease.” “ En­ thusiasm for humanity, indeed!” re­ plied the nurse, “ that would not keep me here one week; but I do possess some of the compassion and enthusiasm of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is the reason why I am content to live and labor amid such surroundings.” Love Never Faileth. A mother, whose daughter had be­ haved shamefully and ran away from home, thought of a singular plan to re­ cover her. Having failed to find her, she at last succeeded in finding the town where she was traced. The mother issued hand bills with a portrait of her­ self and the words added, “ I love thee always.” Crowds stopped, read, talked one to another.” Jno. 13:35. Love Knows No Discomforts.

about it, and wondered what it meant. Days elapsed; at last the girl saw it, read the message, so full of meaning to her. The words transformed her. Golden Text Illustrations. A king, before he ascended the throne, declared that he would destroy his enemies. Afterward the people were surprised that he treated them all with great kindness. Some of his friends reminded him of what he had said, “ And have I not“ destroyed my enemies?” he asked. “ I have changed them into friends.” Hannah More said, “Love never reasons, but profuse­ ly gives, gives, like a thoughtless prod­ igal, its all, and ¡trembles then lest it has done too little.” v. 1. Try the spirits whether they are of God. There are seven ways of trying the spirits whether they be of God: v. 2— Do they confess His true humanity? v. 5-— COMMENTS FROM MANY SOURCES K. L. Brooks Does the system tend to worldli: ness? v. 6—Does it witness to the spirit of real love? v. 13— Does the Holy Spirit agree? v. 14—Does it con­ fess the Atonement? v. 15—r-Does it confess the true divinity of Christ“' Simpson. v. 7. Love is of God. Every parti­ cle of real love there is in the world came from God. Much that is called love is not love at all. Everyone that TRULY loveth is born of God. (1 Jn. 3:14.)— Torrey. Why seek for palms in arctic regions or for icebergs in the tropics? God is the country of love All the real love we acquire we must get from His altars.— Jowett. Let us love one another. The Greek word translated “ love” is a word born within the bosom of revealed religion. There is no example of its use in any heathen writings whatsoever. The ordinary Greek word for love, a word tinged with sensual passion, never once occurs in the New Testament.— Trench. Love ought to be the characteristic of all the children of God because it is of the ^pry nature of their Father, God Himself.— Barrett. The power to love one another

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