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and see who you think is a neighbor. Jesus said there was a man who had to take a trip all by himself on a lone­ ly, rough road that was rocky and hard to travel; it was a dangerous road, too, for there were big rocks on the side where robbers would often hide. While this man was walking along the road some robbers jumped out and grabbed him and beat him, took away all his money and even took his outside clothes, and left him on the side of the road wounded and cold. As the poor man lay there, a priest happened to pass by, who worked in the church. He should have known enough to stop and help the suffering man, who was so badly hurt he could not help himself, but he passed by on the other side of the road. He did not love with all his heart even though he was a priest. Then another man came along whose work was to help the priest in the church, and when he saw the poor, wounded man, he too passed by on the other side of the road. He did not have enough love in his heart, for love is always kind, and could not be so cruel as these two men were. Now some one else is coming down this road, and there is the sound of hoofs for the man is riding a burro. Let us see what he will do when he comes to the suffering man. He rode to the place where the man was, got off his burro and when he saw how badly he was hurt, he took some strips of cloth and bound up his wounds and put on some medicine. He then lifted the man up onto his own burro, walked by his side until they came to a hotel, where he took the wounded man in and cared for him all night, and paid the hotel bill for the man, and as he had to go away in the morning, he left some money with the hotel keeper for the wounded man, and said if there was any more to pay until the man was well, he would pay him when he came back. Jesus shows us by this story that anybody that needs our help is our

and then do not do them, and the real liglit is like some people who say they do certain things, and they really do them. Let us bow our heads and ask Jesus to be with us this morning, for our story is one that happened when Jesus was living down here on this earth. Lesson Story: One day a man came to Jesus and asked Him some hard questions. He asked Jesus how he could have everlasting life— a life that would last forever. Then Jesus asked the man what the Bible said, and' the man repeated what the Bible said about loving the Lord with all the heart, soul, strength and mind, and one’s neighbor as one’s self. When the man repeated this verse Jesus told him he had answered right, and told him if he would‘ do this he would live. These commandments are called the two great commandments, for they take in every­ thing else that we ought to do, for if we love God with all our heart, we are sure to love one another. If we reajly love from our heart we will always put Jesus first, and we will want to do the things that we know are pleasing to Him. Boys and girls, do you know that love is the greatest things in the world? This man iyho asked Jesus the question wanted to know more, he wanted to know who his neighbor was. Jesus answered this question by telling him a story. Now you all listen and I will tell you the story Jesus told this man,

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