King's Business - 1920-03

244 THE K I N G ’ S BUS I NE S S In this Americanization work we need to get down to the basis of the difficulty, and to the foundation upon which our; country was founded. Give them the Bible, and then any other good hooks that are essential, but don’t- omit the best book. T C H T h e B A R E KN E E instead of the Bended Knee Mr. Harry Carr, Special Correspondent of the Los Angeles Times, writ­ ing from New York, says that !!a mild sensation has been created by the bare knees of some of the Methodist choir young ladies who are taking part in a big religious spectacle entitled “ The Wayfarer” now running at Madison Square Garden.” ' The old fashioned method of the Methodists was the bended knee, and the bended knee brought blessing to the hearts of many people, but the new­ fangled method by which the world is to (be made better every day evidently is a less solemn but more spectacular method, and more to the taste of the choir girls. The “ bare knee” girls may make better wives and mothers, but we have our doubts. Who is responsible for this change of custom from the bended to the brazen, bared knee ? Is this performance, authorized by the church officials, supposed to be to the glory of God and the getting of gold? How can such officials preach separation from the world? Dancing used to be an abomination to- the Methodist Church and con­ trary to its doctrines. Is there need of some new kind of doctors to treat this new disease? - - T. C. H. S& jé ? Mk ‘N O P E A C E ,” says tke Pope All of the cardinals present at Rome gathered at the Vatican to give Christmas greetings to Pope Benedict. In returning the greetings, the Pope lamented the lack of order among the nations due to the efforts to give man­ kind peace and welfare while ignoring God. He also recalled the urgent necessity of aiding the poor. Who is more to be blamed for ignorance of God than the leaders of a system which deny the people, through whom they rule, the only Book capable of giving a knowledge o f Gud-nsthe Bible ? If the Pope is earnestly seeking to promote order among the nations, let him unchain the Bible and send it broadcast among the benighted folks of Italy, of Austria, of Spain, of Portugal, of South America, of Central America and poor Mexico. If he is earnestly desiring to feed the poor of Austria who aré starving to death by thousands, let him turn loose the Peter’s pence, sell the Vatican for hotel purposes and lead the priests out in personal ministry, dispensing the proceeds in a practical, Christlike manner. Let him give the Bread of ' Life for the souls of the people, and baker’s bread for their bodies. If his soul is stirred with sympathy, let him do these things, and he may help to bring peace to the restless souls of Europe. —T. C. H.

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