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How much can be put in a sentence? His life is a pattern, His word is law; His love is inspiration; and to exalt Him makes life worth living and death worth dying.” At the end of a Conference a farmer brother rose and said he was no speaker or orator, but he would like to “ tie the hag of the good things of the Confer­ ence,” and reverently read Heb. 13:8. “ Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.” A capital bond for all. v. 4. John to the seven churches. These messages have a fourfold applica­ tion. (1) Local, to the. churches actual­ ly addressed. (2) Admonitory, to all churches in all COMMENTS FROM time. (3) Per- MANY SOURCES sonal, in the ex- K. L. Brooks hortations t o “ him that hath an ear” and in the promises “ to him that overcometh” . (4) Prophetic, as disclosing seven phases of the spiritual history of the church from A. D. 96 to the end of the age.— Scofield. v. 5. And from Jesus Christ. The whole Deity in its mysterious and eter­ nal triunity is concerned in furnishing what is bespoken. It is first of all from Him which is, which was and is to come, that is, Jehovah, who knows no change, no dependence on time or place but tc whom the present, the past and the fu­ ture are one and the same eternal now; “ and from the seven Spirits”— that is, the Holy Spirit in all the completeness of His office and powers as sent forth for the illumination, comfort and edifi­ cation of all the subjects.of God’s re­ deeming grace; “ and from Jesus Christ” , for there is neither grace nor peace for man except through Him.— Seiss. “ The seven Spirits” thus made co-ordinate with the Father and the Son can scarcely be other' than the Holy Ghost..,.Tp- Camb. Bible. The number seven suggests the perfection of the Holy Spirit’s energy.— K. B. The faith ful witness, first begotten of the dead and ruler of kings. Faithful witness is in contrast to the professing body’s un­ faithfulness (3:14). “ Firstborn from the dead” reminds His true church of their own hope. “ Rulers of kings of earth” may look to Israel’s future glory

school at Beyrout had learned to trust and love the Lord Jesus Christ. One day he said to his teacher, “ The first object these eyes of mine will see will be Jesus.” Could any “ seeing” hoy see a greater sight? Professor Phillips tells the story of a burglar who broke into a seaside man­ sion. He tumbled into the middle of the parlor floor all of the valuables he wished to take away, but in the corner of that parlor was a beautiful figure o ' Guido’s “ Ecce Homo”-jSrthere was the Christ as only the Italian master could paint Him. It would seem that the burglar stopped at his work of theft and began to study that face, and not being able to continue his wicked work, while that face was looking at him, hr turned the face of the Christ to the Wall. Exalt Christ. Chile and Argentina put a monument of Christ on their boundary* line as a tangible witness of international broth­ erhood. Here 14,000 feet above sea level, surrounded by peaks of perpetual snow, is Christ lifted up. On this co­ lossal monument of the Christ is the inscription on its granite pedestal: “ Sooner shall these mountains crumble to dust than Argentines and Chileans break the peace which, at the feet of Christ, the Redeemer, they have sworn to maintain,” And on the opposite side of the base, the angel song of Bethle- hemi “ Peace on earth, good will to all men.” This statue cost about one hun­ dred thousand dollars and was paid for by subscriptions from the people, the working classes contributing liberally. May the time be not far distant when all men will look to Christ as the Com­ ing Prince of Peace and welcome His rule on earth. Golden Text Hlustration. “ I have been trying for thirty-five years,” said Bishop Wm. O. Shepherd, “ to tell what I have seen in Christ.

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