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fection of wisdom which is His.— Ott man. Eyes as flame. They were filled with the flames of holiness and truth and not with the tender looks of grace. —Haldeman; v. 15. Feet like fine brass. Brass is that which stands the test of fire. This is the symbol of judgment. The Lord is seen here not as the complacent Lord but as judge.-—Haldeman. Voice as the sound of waters. It was the voice of might and power. (Ps. 29:3, 4.)— Sel. v. 16. In right hand seven stars. The “ messengers” or ministers of the churches (v. 20; Dan. 12:3).— Torrey. A sharp two-edged sword. The well known symbol of the Word. (Heb. 4: 12.) The execution of judgment upon the remnant will be with this sword (Jn. 12:47, 48.)— Ford. v. 17. .1 fell as dead. Thus we see that the flesh in the very best of us is irreclaimable. Bondage and fear are its concomitants. We must be changed and this mortal must put on immortality ere we shall feel quite at home in the lib­ erty of the glory of the children of God — Sel. John was in the presence of both sources of supernatural terror— of God’s presence made manifest and o’- one come from the dead.— Simcox. Laid His hand upon me. The manifestation of His glory may overwhelm our mor­ tality but the touch of His piereed hand encourages the soul.— Meyer. v. 18. I have the keys. Christ is victor over death and Hades and every thing that was against us. How perfect is our ground of peace. The apostle is instantly composed again and does not need as did Daniel (Dan. 10) to be comforted seven times.—-Bass. Christ, not Peter, is the man with the keys.— Cook. Jesus Appears to John on a Lonely Island. Jno. 13:23-25; Rev. 1:1-20. Memory Verse: “ I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2. Approach: How many of you boys and girls like' to be left alone? Not one. No, it is hot at all pleasant to be left alone, and none of us like it very

there who gives it the weight its im­ portance demands? — Bengel. I am Alpha and Omega. Christ is all from A to Z. The greatest scholars cannot learn all that the letters of the alpha­ bet can teach. If we have Christ we have everything. (Eph. 3:19.)—K. B. v. 12. I saw seven golden candle­ sticks. Literally “ lampstands” . They represent the seven churches who are meant to be -light bearers. They hold forth the light given by the oil of the Spirit. (Matt. 5:16; Phil. 2:16.)— Torrey. We are but a lampstand. Lights are for the night (Jn. 9:4, 5). We are in the dispensation of night. The Light of the world went away leav­ ing us as His reflectors until He comes. (Matt. 5:14).— Echoes. One is struck with the variation from the types of old. Then there was a single candlestick (Ex. 25:31, 32), now are beheld by the seer seven candlesticks. Then the bond of union was visible in the center stem. Now the bond between the seven churches is quite as real but is an in­ visible one, Jesus Christ Himself. So would He, if we would have it so, group us all around Himself as a hen doth gather her chickens.— Lincoln. v. 13. In the midst of the seven. When He left the world He said to His disciples, “ Lo, I am with you always, even unto.the end of the age” . He is in His churches by His Word, His sacra­ ments, His ministers, His authority, power and Spirit.— Seiss. He was in the midst on the cross. He is in the midst where two or three are gathered. He is the Lamb in the midst of the throne, but He is also in the midst of the col­ lective life of the church in her earth­ ly ministry and warfare.1—Meyer. Gar­ ment down to the foot. The garment of priestly dignity. (Dan. 10:5; Ezek. 9:2, 11; Ex. 29:31.)— Simcox. Girt about. Compare Ex. 28:2-4, 31. Aaron’s robe and girdle were for “ glory and beauty” and combined the insignia of royalty and priesthood, the character­ istics of Christ’s antitypical priesthood “ after the order of Melchizidek” .^-f: Jamieson. v. 14. Hair white as wool. Evidently in reference to the Ancient of Days in allusion to Daniel 7. Those two pictures of Son of man (v. 13) and of Ancient of Days are seen to meet in Christ our Lord.— Lincoln. Speaks of wisdom which is supposed to be acquired by length of days, and the purity of the whiteness testifies to the absolute per­

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