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right there with him on the island. One Lord’s Day which is our Sunday, John was thinking of Jesus and His love, and even though he was far away from earthly friends and churches, yet he could worship, for Jesus was with him there. While John was worshipping, he heard behind him a voice speaking, as though it were a trumpet, and the voice said, “ I am the first and the last,” and then John knew it was Jesus speak­ ing to him. The voice told John to write what he saw. How glad we are that John did write down the things he saw, for the things Jesus showed to John at that time are a part of our Bible today. John had been so faith­ ful and loved Jesus so truly, Jesus knew He could trust him to do just as He (Jesus) asked him to do. Jesus came not only to comfort John but to send a message through him to the other people in the world. John of course wished to see the one who spoke to him, and as he turned and looked he saw a very wonderful sight. He. saw seven golden candlesticks, and in the midst of the golden candlesticks, John saw his Saviour, Jesus the Lord. He looked very different than when He was living down here in this world, for He was clothed in a rich, beautiful gar­ ment with a golden girdle like a king, only more bright and shining than any earthly king ever wore. His eyes were bright as flaming fire, and His face was as the sun shineth in His strength. This wonderful and glorious sight was too much for John and he fell down be­ fore Jesus as if he were dead, and then Jesus laid His hand upon John and told him not to fear, that He was the First and the Last, which meant that He was Jesus. He also told John that He (Jesus) was the One that liveth, even though He was dead, that He was alive now for evermore. Then He told John again to write the things which he had seen and heard. Jesus did not want His message to be forgotten,, and we know

much. Do you re-

BEGINNERS AND PRIMARY disciples Mabel L. Merrill when He was here on earth who was always very close to Jesus, and even laid his head -on Jesus’ bosom, and who was called the beloved disciple? Yes, it was John. Now the reason John stayed so close to Jesus was because he loved Jesus so much and was so happy to be near Him whenever he could. Where ever John went he would tell about Jesus and the wonderful works He did, and John often got into trouble because the enemies of Jesus did not want to hear John tell about Jesus, and often they would beat him and put him into prison, but you know we learned in our story last week that love is the greatest thing in the world, and John just loved Jesus so much, he would not stop telling people about the wonderful Jesus. At last - these enemies sent John away from his home and friends on a lonely island in the sea with its barren mountains and rocky shores. This lonely island was not a very nice place to live, but do you think John was really alone? No, indeed, for Jesus was with him, the very best friend of all. O, how happy we should be to have Jesus as our friend, for then we can never be alone and if you are ever left alone, even in the darkest night, you just remember that Jesus is right by your side, even though you cannot see Him with these eyes. Let us bow our heads and thank God for Jesus, our best Friend. Lesson Story: How very glad John was now that he had spent sb much time with Jesus and had gotten so well acquainted ,with Him. Now he Would remember all the wonderful things He had seen Jesus do, and the loving words Jesus had spoken to him and the other disciples. He. would think of the words Jesus spoke when He said, “ I am with you alway,” and so he knew Jesus was member J e s u s ’ one of

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