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mother’s neck, exclaimed! “ Oh, mother, this is the moment I have been long­ ing fo r!” This chapter reveals the moment the tribulation saint will long for, that moment when “ They shall all see His, face.” “ I will not gaze on glory, But on the King of grace.” Glory Ahead. An old man who was converted when ninety-two years of age, said to a visit­ or, “ I have found out that I am as dear to the Father as His Son.” “How did you make such a discovery?” asked the worker. “ It is in the seventeenth of John,” was his answer. “ I am always reading the chapter: ‘And the glory which Thou gavest Me, I have given them * * * that the world may know that Thou hast sent me, and hast loved them as Thou hast loved Me.” Earth Transitory—Heaven Enduring. A little girl wished to carry a cat from Mainei to her home in Connecti­ cut but her mother objected. “ If you will say no more about the cat,” said her mother, “ I will give you a dollai to spend in Boston.” Elinor looked quite thoughtful for a moment, then said, “ But, mother, how much longer a cat would last than a dollar!” How much longer eternity will last than time. How much longer heaven will last than our earthly life. Golden Text Hlustrations. How fitting are the last words of the Earl of Rochester, A. D. 1680, to this lesson. Saved by God from the dregs of sin and infidelity, he said, “ I shall now die, but oh, what unspeakable glories do I see! what joys beyond thought or expression am I sensible of! I am assured of God’s mercy to me through Jesus Christ. Oh, how I long to die and be with my Saviour!” An eminent man tells how he stood by the death bed of his mother. Then they were too poor to afford a candle; but just before she passed away she

quoted these words: “ They need no candle, neither light of the sun.” At eventide it was light. Death breaks the lantern, but can not put out the candle: The train of the coronation dress of the Empress of Russia was a mass of silver embroidery and cost 9000 Ins. ($45,000). Yet this is not to be com­ pared to the dress of the meanest Rus­ sian subject who shall stand “ before the Throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes and palms in their hands.” v. 9. I beheld. According to the law of recurrence with which we be­ came familiar in the Old Testament, chapter 7 gives in detail what verses 9 to 11 of chapter COMMENTS FROM 6 gave in outline. MANY SOURCES It tells who the K. L. Brooks martyrs , are and how they are preserved.— Gray. In these verses we have a picture of something going on in heaven during the great tribulation here on earth.— Torrey. Multitude of all nations. Principally a Gentile com­ pany. The great tribulation is not merely “ Jacob’s trouble” . The famine smites Egypt before it reaches Canaan. To the four corners of the earth that judgment shall roll and purge the world of its iniquity.—Ottman. Kin­ dreds and tongues. No nation has a monopoly of saints. No language is so rude that its children may not learn the speech of heaven.—Meyer. Palms in hand. The antitype to Christ’s entry into Jerusalem amidst the palm-bearing multitude. This shall be just when He is about to come visibly to take posses­ sion of His kingdom. The palm branch is the symbol of joy and triumph.lllj. F. & B. v. 10. Cried, Salvation to our God. The cry of these who come up out of the great tribulation (v. 14) is not the same as the cry of redemption (5 :9 ). It is the cry of salvation from judg­ ment. While it is the blood of Christ which has purchased them this release, yet they are not members of the body of Christ which is to be completed by the. Holy Spirit before the great tribu­ lation begins. They are a separate com­ pany.—-Sum. Bible. Literally “ THI

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