King's Business - 1920-03

T HE K I N G ’ S BUS I NE S S heard how John the beloved disciple who loved Jesus so much, was sent away from his home by the enemies of Jesus to a lonely island, and how Jesus showed Himself to John in His glorious body, and told John many wonderful things. We are going to hear about some of the things Jesus told John in our story for today. Now listen care­ fully and I will read it right from the Bible just as Jesus showed it to John. (Read reverently and distinctly Rev. 7:9-12; 21:1-5.) Now this place or home Jesus is getting ready is so won­ derful and beautiful that we cannot find any words that will describe it, and we cannot know how wonderful it is un­ til we see it, but God has told us a great deal about it. We learn from what we have just read that there will be people there from every part of the earth. (Let children name as many countries as they can.) Now John says the number of people from these coun­ tries was more than any person can count. Then just think there will not be any more trouble, or sorrow, or sick­ ness or anything that is wrong in that wonderful new city up in heaven, and there will be no night there, and my, that will just suit you boys and girls who are never ready to go to bed. If people just knew Jesus and how much He loved them and what a lovely home He was getting ready for them, they could not help loving Him and doing everything they could to please Him, could they? Now we know Jesus and love Him, and I believe we are going to do more to help others to know about Him after this wonderful story telling of the wonderful home up in heaven. We are thinking of all the people who do not know Him, and in that great day when Jesus comes back to take those that belong to Him up to that home He is getting ready, it will be a very sad day for all who do not be­ long to Jesus. We remember about the grain the man cut down, and the grain

313 he saved, but the weeds were thrown away. Now the wicked, those who do not belong to Jesus, will be cast away like the weeds at that great day, and all that are cast away will go to Satan. Many of these wicked people, if we would just tell them about Jesus, would listen and be saved, and now as we say our memory verse let us remember it and see how many we can tell about Jesus, so He will prepare a place for them, too. “ In my Father’s house are many mansions.” Closing Prayer: Deaj Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Thy love and help us to show our thankfulness by doing the things that are pleasing to Thee. UNCLE EPH’S ADVICE Uncle Ephum straightened up “ From hoin’ in de con’,” And said now lissen chullen Lemme tell yo’ sho’s yo’ bon’ ; Yo’s nebahi gwine to be real good As ebahbody knows, If yo’ wahs’ yo’ Religion Lak’ yo’ do you’ Sunday does. Yo’ mus’ get in de habit To wah’ it all de day, From Sunday to Sunday Jes’ trus’ on an’ pray; . Keep yo’ sef’ clean! ’Case de Lord alius knows, If yo’ puts on Religion Lak’ yo’ do yo’ Sunday does. If yo’s jes’ good fo’ one day And bad all de res’ Yo’s boun’ to be a shirkah ’Case yo’ don’t do yo’ bes’ ; If yo’s speckin’ to be ready When dat Great Trumpet blows! Don’t wah’ you’ Religion Lak’ yo’ do yo’ Sunday does. —Annie Marie Bryant.,

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