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eration. Love is the proof but not the means of our having passed from dark­ ness to light. He who does not habit­ ually and characteristically love abides in that death which is separation from God. Life and love in the Johannine epistles are convertible terms. Every one who hates is a potential murderer. Herein we come to know love because Christ laid down His life for us. This is love defined and illustrated by actions not words. The cross teaches us not only what sin is but what love is. WEDNESDAY, March 10. 1 John 8:19- 24. Love and Obedience. Love does not evaporate in words. It has a place in the mouth because it springs from the heart. It is always easier to praise- benevolence than to practice it, to talk about missions than to be a missionary, to join the church than to support it. The path of obedi­ ence is always marked by the fence of the commandments. Ecstatic and emo­ tional experiences can never be substi­ tuted for plain, every-day obedience to the behests of duty. “Whosoever shall do the will of My Father which is in heaven, the same is My brother and sister and mother.” The Bible recog­ nizes no other claim. THURSDAY, March 11. 1 Cor. 13:1-13. Love is Action. Love is the girdle that holds all the ■virtues of the Christian life in place. Cain’s violation of the law of love made him a murderer. 1 Jno. 3:12. Man is his brother’s keeper whether lje chooses or no. Love is the common duty and the evidence of righteousness even as hatred is the evidence of un­ righteousness. By its hatred of those who would do it good; the world is known. By love of the children of God everywhere, we know that we have passed from death unto life, for love is

life. Love is an attitude of the will, that constantly seeks to promote the well-being of all. Therefore, if any man love God, the same is known of Him. FRIDAY, March 12. Philemon 1-16. Love in Society. Love is a reconstructive force. It obliterates all distinctions of caste. It proceeds upon the principle that world values consist in human lives. It would revolutionize the social order that would sacrifice personalities to mate­ rial things and permit the greed of the few to disregard the welfare of the many. The church, nation, class, fam­ ily or individual that does not accept the law of love as the 'only principle of action can not by any stretch of cour­ tesy or charity be called or considered Christian. Self-aggrandizement always involves a violation of the law of love. “ Let love be without dissimulation.” Rom. 12:9. SATURDAY, March 13. Phil. 1:1-11. The Increase of Love. Pauline prayers are always sugges­ tive and significant. We may para­ phrase this prayer as follows: “ This I pray, that the love of God in you may overflow your whole nature, perfecting your spiritual knowledge, filling your spiritual senses, making you able to discriminate the things that differ, that ye may be clear as a sunbeam and be no stumbling block till the day of Christ, filling you with the fruits of righteous­ ness which are by Jesus Christ unto the glory and praise of God.” Some things we must know in order to love, but God and truth we must love in order to know. Love is the alembic that trans­ mutes truth into experience. There is no higher attainment on earth or in heaven than to be made perfect in love. SUNDAY, March 14. Rev. 1:1-9. John on the Isle of Patinos. John was an exile on a lonely isle in

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