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the Egean Sea. He was there by no choice of hia own. He was an outcast from the world because he was true to the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus. The place of banishment be-* comes a place of vision and the mani­ festation of divine glory. The sea-girt isle can not separate the servant of God from his Master, nor quench his testi­ mony. Since the world’s attitude to­ ward Christ has not changed, they who would have fellowship with Him must be willing to walk apart with Him. The world always demands of the Chris­ tian alliance or antagonism. There is no neutral zone. John’s exile from the world gives him power over it. Separa­ tion is the secret of power in testimony. The seven lamp-stands may represent complete and corporate testimony for Christ on earth during the time of His absence. The, Redeemer is clothed in the robe of a priest, His hair, white as wool or snow, tells of wisdom ac­ quired by the length of days. Dan. 7:9. The purity of the whiteness indi­ cates the perfection of the wisdom. His eyes of flame searched the churches through and through. His feet, in judgment of evil on the earth, resem­ ble white-hot copper. Ezek. 1:4-7. His voice is the voice of the Almighty, Ezek. 43:2, which men shall some day be compelled to hear in pronouncing their doom, unless they shall give heed to the still small voice of His Spirit now. His countenance is as the sun shining in His strength. The picture is one of judgment, pure and divine. John is terrified and overcome. The Lord reassures him, not by reminding him of their former intimacy on earth, but by setting forth the foundation standing of our peace in death and resurrection. MONDAY, March 15. Rev. 1:10-18. The Glorified Redeemer.

TUESDAY, March 16. Rev. 4:1-11. The Emerald Rainbow. The day of judgment has come but the bow is in the cloud. God has not forgotten His covenant. The gathering clouds mean the purification of earth not its destruction. There are two sig­ nificant features about this'bow. It is a perfect circle, and it is green. Only a segment of the circle is even seen from the earth because the line is broken by the horizon. This is no mere display of the glory of the light in pris­ matic hues. The blood color is missing. There are three primal colors, red, blue and yellow. Take the red away and blue and yellow mingled make green. Does this speak of a finished redemp­ tion, sin forever put away and no more need of atonement? The promises of God are fulfilled to the last degree. WEDNESDAY, March 17. Rev. 5:1-14. The Seven-sealed Scroll. The Lamb is a symbol of weakness and this is further intensified by the fact of its being slain. Perfect strength however is seen in contrast by the seven horns and perfect wisdom by the seven eyes. The path of suffering has brought the Lamb to the place of power. Victory over death as the lamb enables Him to act as the lion. In the right hand of the One who sits upon the throne are the title-deeds of earth. The sovereignty of earth had once been given unto the first Adam. When he fell, the delegated sovereignty had re­ verted back to God. Now it is given to the second man, the Lord from heaven. The slain Lamb is set in supremacy over the habitable world. THURSDAY, March 8. Rev. 8:1-5. The Golden Censer. The angel at the altar with the gol­ den censer is commonly supposed to be Christ. The prayers of the saints on

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