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character? We are told that Heaven is not this and not that, instead of some positive and explicit description. Its splendor is graciously tempered to our feeble finite vision. We should be blinded and overcome by its excessive glory. The Bible begins with man in a garden and ends with man in a city. The representation of Heaven as a city, suggests intensity of life, variety of oc­ cupation and closeness of relation to others. We shall not know less there than here. If we know our friends here we shall know them there. As love to Christ draws us nearer to each other, so there we shall love our friends not less but more because of our greater nearness to Christ. FRIDAY, March 26. Rev. 21:21-27. Jerusalem the Golden. Jerusalem the golden stands in striking contrast to Babylon the gilded. Rev. 17:4, margin. Among the charac­ teristics of the city, its surpassing glory is first mentioned. The jasper stone is probably the diamond and the dazzling light of this precious gem flashes forth from the descending city. The literal dimensions are given, the city being a cube of twelve thousand furlongs. In addition to the measurements, there is given both form and color, in a descrip­ tion which combines the acme and epi­ tome of beauty. God has taken the most precious things of man to set forth the ■glory of the new Jerusalem. If these various materials are assumed to be symbolic,' let us insist that their inter­ pretation be not less glorious than the symbols themselves. SATURDAY, March 27. Rev. 22:1-7. A View of the Future. The Millennium is the connecting link between eternity and time. The Old Testament visions of the future are all Millennial excepting only Is. 65:17 and 66:22. The river of Ezek. 47:12 reminds us of Rev. 22:1-2 but John’s

down like a pall of death upon the earth. This is but the beginning of sorrows that await the doomed and judgment- smitten earth. TUESDAY, March 28. Rev. 7:4-8.. The Sealing of the Remnant. The sealing is an especial election of grace for preservation through the great tribulation. It is accomplished by the angel of the sunrise. In the list of the sealed ones, the names of Joseph and Levi appear while Ephraim is omitted and Dan is supplanted by Manasseh. A possible reason for this omission has been suggested that the faces of Dan and Ephraim are not turned toward the sun rise. Dan’s con­ nection in Jacob’s prophecy with the serpent seems to be an intimation that his .heart is thoroughly estranged from God and Hosea represents God as say­ ing, “ Ephraim is joined to his idols, let him alone.” WEDNESDAY, March, 24. John 14:1-6. The Heavenly Home. Heaven is a prepared place for pre­ pared people. Christ is now preparing the place and the Holyl Spirit is prepar­ ing the people. When both prepara­ tions are complete they will be united. In the Father’s mansion there are many apartments. The universe is God’s mansion.- The earth is one apartment and heaven is another. When a child of God passes from earth to heaven, he does not leave his Father’s house. He merely goes from one room to another. How real it makes heaven and .how near it brings heaven, to call it “ the other room!” It relieves the spnse of loneliness to think of our loved ones, the blessed and the holy dead, as not so very far away. THURSDAY, March 25. Rev. 21:10-21. A Glimpse of Heaven. Why are so many of the Scriptural references to Heaven negative in their

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