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Smote the chord of self which trem­ bling Passed in music out of sight.”

hole there?' How came the came to come? the ques­ tion’s fair. But if it was a protoplasmic cell, Will some kind know-it-all proceed to •tell How came the thing to have so grand a spell? (To me the cell is a tremendous sell.) O mighty cell! Omnipotent old cell, - Omniscient cell, of which the sages tell; Tremendous cell, progenitor of worlds, And all the glorious universe that whirls In boundless space; of everlasting laws Of love, of life; the universal causé Of all that was, or is, or is to be,; Let all the fools bow down and worship Thee. •—Ex. PROVING YOU WERE BORN There are two ways of doing it. One is to produce the documentary evidence with names, dates and witnesses. Get cer­ tificates of the fact from your mother, the attending physician, and the nurse. Be sure that these are properly attested and signed before a notary, then show them to your inquiring friend. He will prob­ ably be convinced. Another way is to show him your living self. Unless he is a very unusual sort of person he will regard this evidence as conclusive. And this method is simpler than the other. There are also two ways of establishing the fact that you have been ‘“born again.” You can furnish a well-authenticated account of the event, giving time, place, manner, and attendant circumstances. For some people, this will do very well. But why so much bother? Why not use the direct method here also, and furnish a living demonstration of tne new man in Christ Jesus, bearing the fruit of the Spirit? You will find many people in the world who prefer this kind of proof. And some will insist on it. — E va n g e lica l M essenger.

GENESIS— THE LATEST VERSION Respectfully dedicated to Prof. Haeckel, by B. C. M. They say that hidden in primeval slime, A thousand million years before our time, Some protoplasmic cells— just listen now— First got their heads together; anyhow A gas appeared, rose upward and re­ volved A giddy whirligust, which soon evolved A solar system, while it gayly whirled, An’ in the course of time this bloomin’ world. Now in this jolly world a learned ass Discovered that the protoplasmic mass Was carried upward by the vital gas, And that is how creation came to pass. There wasn’t any hand or any mind, Or conscious thought, or scheme, of any kind; The ooze contained the cell, the cell the plan, The plan grew restless and the game began. And just to contemplate that wondrous cell, Containing things too numerous to tell Sun stuff, moon stuff, star stuff, plant stuff, 1 Dog stuff, cat stuff, any kind of stuff, Brain stuff, mind stuff— ah! it is enough; Just write on all creation “ only stuff” Discovered by the vast stutiloquence Of men with every sense but common sense. What fools, indeed, to think that heaven and earth, Found in a mud hole their tremendous birth! But please explain how came the mud

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