King's Business - 1920-03

The Christian Fundamentals League (Succeeding the International Christian Truth Investigation Society) An Inter-Denominational, Evangelical, Christian organ­ ization, founded in order to furnish a constructive program for every community where false teachings and faith-destroying cults masquerade under the guise of Christian truth. IF ANTI-CHRISTIAN CULTS are laboring in your com­ munity— IF Christian Science — Spiritism— Theosophy — Millennial Dawnism — Mormonism — Seventh-Day Adventism — and Modernism are undermining the faith of Christians— IF YOU need literature to meet the need— IF you desire a leading teacher to conduct a helpful confer­ ence for Christians in your church or city— IF you will become a volunteer worker— laboring to spread the holy Scriptures— WRITE— ROBERT A . HADDEN, General Secretary, The Christian Fundamentals League, 207 Van Nuys Bldg., Endorsed by Leading Ministers. Los Angeles, California Many write us of their whole-hearted sympathy with the work o f the Bible Institute o f Los Angeles— Now What We Want is a Practical Demonstration— Real Co-operation Send us the names and addresses of those who may be interested in Bible training. W e want to acquaint them with the Institute. —You ’ll send us the names today! rrvi 1 • That’sgood. 1hanks! BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES Office 205 536-558 So. Hope St. Los Angeles, California

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