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Functional Specification (80287) - BHP Worksense - Modification


Bunzl Brands and Operations - Worksense

Implementation Call ID 80287 / 241488


25 Oct 2016


BHP Worksense - Modification

Version Number


Acceptance Date

Refer to the Development Schedule at


Extend functionality for Worksense / BHP Portal Developed in 2015 for use by BHP Employees.


New Requirements

Reduce from 4 Catalogues to 3 Catalogues - Worksense will manage this Mandatory Shirts and Jackets are assigned by Catalogue - NOT for all BHP Employees For example: Catalogue

- Allowance of 3 Shirts and 1 Jacket - to choose out of 3 Styles of Shirts and 3 Site Based Employees

Style of Jackets Catalogue Style of Jackets Catalogue

- Allowance of 3 Shirts and 1 Jacket - to choose out of 1 Style of Shirts and 2 Electrical Employees

- Allowance of 3 Shirts and 1 Jacket - to choose out of 4 Styles of Shirts and 3 Style Outdoor Employee

of Jackets Employee must purchase this at the start of the process and above anything else (i.e. Extras that they want coming from their points) Shirts and Jackets selected from the Mandatory Process will NOT contribute to the points system Display Message in the Review Order Section -


Other Notes

Modification will be completed on STAGE website first and then migrated to production website. Unless specifically noted above, there will be no changes to the functionality developed last year for the BHP modification.


Should Boots be part of the Mandatory Process (along with the Shirts and Jackets)?

Recommended Workflow

When customer logins - the will be presented with the screen indicating they must select the mandatory product first.

(Worksense to supply actual wording)

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Once the customer has selected the mandatory components, they will be able to proceed to the next step to order additional items.

From there they will get the existing screen as they do now (with Boots showing "Not Applicable" as it does now).

The Cart Summary will display the Mandatory Items separately to the normal items to indicate it didn't use up any points.

If a customer removes a Mandatory Item, they will not be able to checkout; They must scroll back to the Mandatory Section and add the required Shirts or Jackets until they have completed the requirement. By the same token, they cannot add any more that their limit i.e. they will be alerted to the fact that they are only allow X Shirt or X Jacket allocation (similar to the message shown below for boots).

The user may proceed once they have ordered all the Mandatory Items (and any optional items).

When the customer returns (i.e. subsequent orders), they will NOT be shown the Mandatory Items section as it is assumed that they have

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made the purchase in the first order.

Once a user has completed their first mandatory order, they will be marked against their user that it has occurred and they will only be shown normal optional items.

Worksense To:

Advise Go Live Timeline Confirm new employee list Confirm that existing employees (from last year) will have all their points reset (or added to existing balance) Allocate Resources from the Worksense Team for testing

Above quote excludes any data loading with respect to employees and subsequent changes to employee list thru the course of the system being available to BHP; it also excludes any points setup for products. This can be raised and quoted separately if CV is required to complete the work.

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