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Once the customer has selected the mandatory components, they will be able to proceed to the next step to order additional items.

From there they will get the existing screen as they do now (with Boots showing "Not Applicable" as it does now).

The Cart Summary will display the Mandatory Items separately to the normal items to indicate it didn't use up any points.

If a customer removes a Mandatory Item, they will not be able to checkout; They must scroll back to the Mandatory Section and add the required Shirts or Jackets until they have completed the requirement. By the same token, they cannot add any more that their limit i.e. they will be alerted to the fact that they are only allow X Shirt or X Jacket allocation (similar to the message shown below for boots).

The user may proceed once they have ordered all the Mandatory Items (and any optional items).

When the customer returns (i.e. subsequent orders), they will NOT be shown the Mandatory Items section as it is assumed that they have

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