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ENJOYING THE IDAHO WINTER ...AND WHERE WE’RE LOOKING IN 2019 I have to admit it: I love this time of year! Christmas is my favorite holiday because it’s all about family. It’s one of the few times I take a break and soak up those extra moments with my wife and daughter. Next week, some of my best friends from my college track days are visiting us from Texas, and we’ll take them to the mountains to experience a true Idaho winter. It’s going to be a fun addition to the holiday. At home, we’ve already begun indulging in the Idaho winter experience. Coming out of hunting season, I feel satisfied because I got my elk! Though I missed two deer with my bow, I’ve acknowledged the lessons learned in trying. With success comes failure. It’s a lesson I’m sharing with my daughter, Emerie. She went hunting with me for the first time this season, and I enjoyed teaching her some of the basics. Emerie loves being outside and watching nature, and it’s fun to see her develop an appreciation and respect for the harvest.

keeping!) good habits in place for the New Year. Our office is no exception. Our focus for 2019 is on posture. Maintaining proper posture is something that’s always in the back of my mind, even more so as I age. I don’t want to make myself susceptible to the injuries I treat others for every day. There’s a good chance I’ve talked to you about your posture because it’s vital to your health. From scoring the winning shot to sitting at your desk, proper posture has to be intentional. Our muscles get used to bad habits, so properly sitting, standing, and lifting take conscious effort. I speak from experience — in my eight years of undergraduate and chiropractic school, I had terrible posture. A couple hours into studying, I’d break down and slouch over my homework. As I got further along in school, my poor posture caught up to me, and I developed horrible mid- back pain. Thanks to my education, and through some trial and error, I learned that the stress placed on my neck from looking down at textbooks and schoolwork for hours a day was causing my back pain.

Slowly, I put an end to my poor posture. I started looking up and pulling my head back to ensure that it was resting between my shoulders. That simple shift took the stress off my neck, and my back pain went away. It was simple, but it wasn’t effortless. It took time and energy to break the habit. Every time I leaned over my desk, I had to remember to sit up straight, pull my head back, and look forward. Change doesn’t happen overnight. I’m sure there are many habits you could adopt in the coming year, but if I have my say, there are two l want you to do on a daily basis. One, pull your shoulders back. Two, keep your ears directly above your shoulder. If you consistently practice these two things, you’ll be surprised by how much better you feel.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year. We will see you in 2019!

–Dr. White

As the year winds down, a lot of you are thinking about setting (or

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