ReQuest: Balance Setting Things Up For An Injury?


“Proficiency.” With Sean, proficiency is key. That’s exactly what drove him to pursue massage. Sean was born in Gainesville, FL at Gainesville Region Hospital. He grew up in Alachua and wound up with a job in retail. Sometime after that, he decided he wanted to study meditation and buddhist philosophy. On this journey, he formed a strong conviction to help others, outside of his previous retail jobs. His reasoning? He wanted to help people in a more holistic way, addressing a person as a whole person rather than only certain parts of them. He decided that massage was the next step on the road, and he wanted to become proficient in it. Massage. While inmassage school at the Florida School of Massage, Sean gravitated towards Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). NMT is an effectivemassage technique that is based in scientific foundations and used by Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and other practitioners around the world. There are two main ways of practicing NMT, and Sean is highly educated in both. Sean likes how NMT combines and works well with deep tissue therapy; he can work one whole muscle but can also focus in on each fiber inside thatmuscle and findwhere there is tension and adhesion. He can get very detailedwhile also being comprehensive. This creates a lot of relief for his patients. He notes that NMT is extremely effective in a short time period, especially for acute complaints. This makes it perfect for our 25-minute sessions and still great for the 55-minute sessions. Clients typically say that they receive the most focused work they’ve ever had when they first see Sean. While NMT can be extremely helpful, it’s important to keep in mind, with chronic conditions,

all modalities take time to work. For someone with chronic complaints, it could take about 2-3 months to get to the point where they feel fully back to normal. Sean says, “It takes time to break a rhythm or cycle”. With acute issues, however, he usually sees people have relief within a week or two. Words of wisdom from Sean: “Persistence is key; if someone has an issue, nip it in the bud. Seek help froma practitioner of your choice and see the process through to the end. I can see it on their face when it [pain] comes to define their life. If you’re serious about your life and quality-of-life, then we are here to help.” Fun Fact. Sean loves FOOD and just went back to being a vegetarian. He’s a wonderful human being and can’t wait to help you with your concerns. Make an appointment with Sean at (352) 373-2116.


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