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Talking Tritons and Snagging Sawfish With Coach Travis Smith This Month’s Episode of Rates and Reels

it swims past. Definitely one of the craziest fish I’ve ever seen, clocking in at easily 7 feet long. They’re federally protected, so we were happy to send it on its way, but it was a cool opportunity to see Travis reel in such an otherworldly, weird creature. As always, I took some time to interview our guest while we were on the boat. First, I asked him why he decided to move into coaching. “I just got tired of chasing money, and thought I could do something more to help out kids that go to Mariner. I got into coaching, started teaching, and it just kind of fell into place,” he said. Besides talent, he looks for “kids that are coachable. They don’t necessarily have to come from a good family background, but, you know, they have to be good human beings.”

Travis joined Captain John Conway and I on the boat.

We limited out on keepers in that spot. A cormorant looked on while I brought in a particularly wily jack, who I flung, right away, straight into Captain John Conway’s chest. He didn’t seem too bothered by it, though. I guess when you work running fishing boats, a fish slap or two is an occupational hazard. A couple of hours later, Travis had something huge on the hook. His fishing rod bent almost 90 degrees under the weight of whatever was on the end of the line, thrashing around deep below the surface. After a solid minute of wrangling the thing, a serrated snout poked up through the surface of the water. It was a sawfish, a rare type of ray with a long, flat “saw” as its nose, which allows it to sense prey, dig out buried crustaceans, and stun food as

My fishing show, “Rates and Reels,” has come a long way since our first episode back in September. But while I was sharing Travis Smith’s story on the cover, I realized I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about the first installment of the show when

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